How To Talk To Girls In a Coffee Shop

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An expert’s guide to picking up girls.

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25 Responses to “How To Talk To Girls In a Coffee Shop”

  1. gardnergrendal Says:

    ha ha “can i help you”

  2. Turokcito2 Says:

    coffee hu? …that’s sum uuh coffee u got there?

  3. ajaaronjoe Says:

    pick up any women by your tongue, the most effective and easiest way on earth 🙂

  4. SomebodyShootMee Says:

    wow they were totaly in to them i think ima try this.

  5. apanapane Says:

    If I was one fo those two girls, I would be seriously freaked out by those two. <.<

  6. alexh2006 Says:

    It’s funny because it’s true!

  7. BBlacksi86 Says:

    haha, his face was the funniest part. ive seen worse lol

  8. FlyLikePepper Says:

    i like your viedo its really good … you should come check out ours!!!

  9. emilyq511 Says:


  10. beckoleco Says:

    So where they getting hand jobs during this vid?….


    BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD pick-up game …


  12. Marubi2 Says:

    Nice ‘indian stylee’ eyebrow lift/head to the side work at the start. Keep it shorter.

  13. siwooot Says:

    i hope that was piss

  14. iamplaya Says:

    Sure, they gonna get laid! ))))))

  15. iamplaya Says:

    chaps just radiate TOTAL INSECURITY, sure they don’t know whatta say

  16. louco86 Says:

    Haha haven’t seen a romantic attempt leading to failure so well put together! Nice job!

  17. aghobrini Says:


  18. adelante1887 Says:

    ahahah i dunno why but i’m laughin like hell

  19. strousetheguitarhero Says:

    omg…i havent laughed so hard in a long time

  20. laughingprincessleah Says:

    HAHAHahahaha!!! omg!! those girls made them happy!!! hahahaha

  21. Jurassik777 Says:


  22. angrymobleader Says:

    Dude. Was that supposed to be sweat or did he just creme himself infront of the ladies?

  23. smac8705 Says:

    tooooo long

  24. lizzboa Says:


  25. heartofasoulja Says:

    yea thats what i thought

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