How To Pick Up Girls: Why Routines & Pick Up Lines Never Work!

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips How To Pick Up Girls Why Routines & Pick Up Lines Never Work! Think the best way to pick up girls is using canned routines and pick up lines? Listen to why this is 100% wrong … and how to pick up more girls than ever before without using any of that stuff! Stop being a robot and start to pick up hot girls today. For more FREE tips and advice on how to pick up girls anywhere, visit

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25 Responses to “How To Pick Up Girls: Why Routines & Pick Up Lines Never Work!”

  1. beableish Says:

    the problem with being yourself means you probably will never get the kind of caliber women you really desire.

  2. dgui123451 Says:

    YES YES YES your doing it your being yourself

  3. erickortizfranco Says:

    I can never turn this fucker off…I CAN NEVER TURN THIS FUCKER OFF!!! hahahahaha!

  4. fopower Says:

    The hottest guy I have ever laid eyes on came up to me and did what seemed like a practiced routine that he does to talk to women. So, when he asked for me number I didn’t give it to him, because he seemed so fake.

  5. KuntOut Says:

    around 1.15…… this is what i find annoys me, either i try the pickup line, whatever u wanna call it bullshit which im already aware doesnt work. ive also been told the same shit bout being a normal charming guy etc, but that still doesnt answer why ive been single for 3 years now. and even then i could have considered myself lucky because ive never had the best luck with women in my lifetime so far

  6. serviumkaos Says:

    this guy don’t makes no sense, if he started to read and go to seminars etc. it means that he wasn’t getting no ass when he was being himself on the first place

  7. CS08AU Says:

    But I bet learning those “pick up techniques” played on your subconscious so they did in fact help you to some degree. So even when you stopped using them, they where there still helping you.

  8. pinchiponcho519 Says:

    i like mysterys method because it helped me a lot but youre so right david. theres nothing like a man that walks around the place with passion . being yourself is finding true essence that way you never ever have to worry about getting women because theyre already lined up for you.

  9. make1fornaughty Says:

    arnold schwarzenegger

  10. ThePlayerSupremeshow Says:

    I am in total agreement with this video. That pick up shit just fucks up nerds and regular guys.

  11. dmitrikonovich123 Says:

    Most PUAs are hell-bent on having one method of approaching women. But why can’t both be used equally? Being one’s self doesn’t always get phone numbers; having a canned routine or cocky-funny attitude (when calibrated appropriately) is effective in most situations, but not necessarily all. David makes a linear point that should be incoporated in to everyone’s game, regardless if you’re a MM practitioner, DeAngelo disciple, or what have you. I think both are just as valid.

  12. Cyrusk4 Says:

    what the chinese kid said was 100% wisdom

  13. Cmill1221 Says:

    wow she told him he was a nice guy. that sucks!

  14. greatnes4u Says:


  15. quakers101 Says:

    how many times do you get laid every week?

  16. Thet3 Says:

    Being yourself does work!!!!!!!!!!!!! For thous who Improve themselves!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to self improve yourself to make being yourself work!!!!!!!! Don’t sit on your ass and complain learn to be confident like you were when you was a baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn about the present and NLP like I did to become who you want to become!!!!! Who you relly want to be is what you have to work to become!!!!!!!

  17. shakaloso83 Says:

    you are wrong they do work and help you when you stall.

  18. theirlinator Says:

    yeah this is great. its tough to get some real confidence once you drop the pick-up persona. How do you guys do it? Vipassana meditation? …allowing all your insecurities and fears to just be with you without judging them until they slowly dissipate.. allowing you to be fully present and real?

  19. nwhyte3 Says:

    Being yourself is a skill set that takes practice. You need to talk to people all the time to truly understand how to project your personality out there. If u talk to people everywhere you go then when you talk to your target it will be more natural. This is what David teaches, being present in the moment, not having scripted routines. Women are abundant you have to act based on the situation and open her accordingly. Its all about finding more about her and using good body language.

  20. innocentrage Says:

    great advice at the end, kim

  21. crzer07 Says:

    word from the wise

  22. PuffyPussy Says:

    no morons, its an anti-pussy propaganda, quit hiding behind the stupid lines, it can’t cover your personality cracks forever! it’s time for people to really start rounding themselves up as a person, not some guy who reads monologues to girls
    armpit, the real “you” wants to approach the girl you like, not the one thats hiding behind the ego, and claiming that you have no personality. it’s time for you to grow up, and see yourself for who you are.

  23. DavidWygant Says:

    No you dont. You need to stop over thinking and stop finding reasons to put an armor up.

    You are afraid of putting yourself on the line.

    I have heard your story a thousand times.

    And each time i hear it I help someone break through that wall.

    You can open her with a routine but who shows up on the date …..a routine or you?

  24. armpitpuncher Says:

    I respect you David, but “being yourself” is the most useless advice I’ve ever heard. I’ve been myself all my life. Myself is a guy who doesn’t talk to girls, because I don’t have anything I want to say to them. That’s the truth, I have nothing I want to say to girls. The only reason for me to talk to an attractive girl is to start a relationship with her. So, being myself, the only thing I would say to a girl is “let’s date/kiss/fuck”.  And that doesn’t work. I need routines.

  25. DavidWygant Says:

    Yes I have and I think his method is cool for guys that are really young and want to meet drunken club girls.

    But you still need to become a man and learn real confidence
    There are no shortcuts in life.

    And it was not Mystery I was referring to here.

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