How to pick up girls and good places to pick up girls at.?

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Okay so I’ve recently had a bunch of girls tell me I was hot but they are between 18 and 20 and I’m only 16 so I think i can pick up girls but i don’t know how because i just lost 85 pounds so I’ve never had a girlfriend or tried to get one because of how fat i was but now i think i could pick up some girls.

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4 Responses to “How to pick up girls and good places to pick up girls at.?”

  1. french navy Says:

    the mall

  2. Carebear Says:

    find some buddies and go to the mall or’ll find lots of girls there..
    and i think thats awesome that you lost that much weight! 🙂

  3. idontbeleiveit Says:

    ur mom

  4. Josh Says:

    You’re 16? Pick them up in school! In places that you both like to hang out..anywhere that you might both enjoy. Looks might be somewhat important, but making a girl get that FEELING that makes her like you is what is important. Ever seen an ugly dude with a hot chick? That’s why. Find out what makes them feel good. Listen for key words when they talk (e.g. exciting, relaxed) those are probably things that they like to feel if they are using them to describe things. Take that info and make them feel the same around you (excited or relaxed…or whatever keywords you find) Just something that’s worked for me in the past. Good luck with your search. remember you have plenty of time to find a good one.

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