How To Overcome Rejection From Women

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5 Responses to “How To Overcome Rejection From Women”

  1. skhumor Says:

    I am very happy to realize that I just recently got to a point where I started to forget about girls and their rejections, and even their names. I simply no longer think too much of that. I no longer worry about what they think about me (mostly), and I lose that feeling of shame. I am back to the days when I was a boy, teasing and being playful with girls, only better with wisdom and skills of an adult

  2. PhysStud2011 Says:


  3. Bob8199 Says:

    Coping with rejection is one of those things that is learned best through experience. The more one gets rejected, the less one cares. By the time one has been rejected 100’s of time, one is able to let it go immediately, and move on to the next girl.

  4. WhiteCamry92 Says:

    She should have followed a basketball team.

  5. pirateblarny Says:

    “I want to look up at my wedding day.”

    You should have said “slow down, I don’t want to marry you!”

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