How To Know If A Girl LIKES You (THIS Shows She’s INTO You)

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More from Stephan at (Join the Nr.1 Dating Advice Newsletter for shy, quiet or introvert guys) How to be able to know if a girl likes you is probably any man’s biggest wish. After all if you’re sure she likes you you’re not going to get rejected. But while we concentrate on figuring out whether she likes us or not…we are not focussing on enjoying the moment, having a great time, teasing her or creating attraction. So yes, there are some good indicators for when a girl is into you and I mention what I think is the key thing that tells you if she’s into you in this video. But I highly recommend you follow my advice in this video and don’t spend too much time on trying to figure out whether a girl is interested in you before you’ve even started to speak to her. That is truly a big mistake. If you’re stopping yourself from even approaching women you like you should probably check out my confidence program here Because often when men wonder first whether a woman likes them or they want to be sure that she is interested it’s usually about a fear of rejection which is not something you need to experience. If you’re not sure how to lead a great conversation then my Pimp Your Lingo Program will help you out Alternatively please join my dating advice newsletter at http for free and get regular dating tips and updates in your inbox.

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23 Responses to “How To Know If A Girl LIKES You (THIS Shows She’s INTO You)”

  1. xXswagPROxX Says:

    Should I ask this girl out or not she
    • pokes my abs
    • loves to hug me
    • smiles when I talk to her
    • we fight over who loves who. Ore like I love you more plz need advice quick

  2. TheEvandro82 Says:

    @Penguin95abletofly , i have the same problem and age

  3. MultiMiniNinja Says:

    @dethan221 this is not the weird side 😀

  4. dethan221 Says:

    i’m on the weird side of youtube again

  5. TC07TC Says:

    @HighHiqh Try CTRL + F

  6. TheDdglover911 Says:

    well bro im 15 and i have this problem does the rull aply the same

  7. sup7upz Says:

    @HighHiqh but there are onl 251 comments

  8. shutupandletmehtalk Says:

    guys this is not true the only way u know is if we look at u alot or if we call u or smile and stuff if u want to know more come to my channel and ask more stuff

  9. shutupandletmehtalk Says:

    and omg

  10. shutupandletmehtalk Says:

    im just seeing if this realy is true cause im a girl

  11. GERRY27xC Says:

    @97grimsta… Im exactly like you, except for the rock band thing, but im in thre exact same “situation” so to speak.

  12. MeLikeGtaIv Says:

    I like this Asian girl,my dum friend told her that I like her. She rejected me by saying…”sorry,your to short for me!” What should I do?

  13. Excelsiorwillshine Says:

    @HighHiqh you made me laugh ! i gave up on this one 7 days ago but she still gives me weird “sights” everywhere i meet know it’s been 7 days since i wrote her a message and she don’t really responded on it so i’m like “sure” .

  14. Nalimou Says:

    Well theres this girl in my class that I met a few days ago, and we had to be partners for math. She was really social, asking me what music I like, how my day had been, and so on.. I kind of like her but idk if shes just a social person or if she is interested in me.

  15. theanomily Says:

    @Penguin95abletofly if she knows you like her and now tries to avoid you or cuts conversations short she don’t like you but if she still talks to you or does anything different than before she likes you so you should ask her out

  16. Penguin95abletofly Says:

    Btw I really want to go out with her can someone please help?

  17. Penguin95abletofly Says:

    I am 13 and I haven’t had a girlfriend. There is this girl I like and my friend told her I like her which makes things awkward. I don’t know if she likes me or not. What should I do?

  18. xL3g3nd12igox Says:

    It’s called low self esteem. Sometimes we need to grow some balls and take risks.

  19. TheFuzzyStuff Says:

    @CryptonProductions if u show ur balls u can go to jail lol

  20. Radz4321 Says:

    jesus crist mary mother of nazareth i neva seen sum1 blink so much! lol

  21. hanimallover1 Says:

    i like seeing boys telling people advice about girls, you know, just to see if their right
    BTW im a girl..

  22. grimeye9 Says:

    Lol I get more ass then a toilet seat

  23. FreshMuffinz Says:

    Unfortunately I’m extremely shy, but I’m quite smart especially in the sciences. Also into guitar-been playing for 10 yes now. I’ve had adults say I’m handsome but whatever I’m not that outgoing

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