How To Have Physical & Spiritual Intimacy, Butterflies & Be In Love Pt 1 – Brent Smith

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18 Responses to “How To Have Physical & Spiritual Intimacy, Butterflies & Be In Love Pt 1 – Brent Smith”

  1. DaphneSmith7101 Says:

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  2. askbrentsmith Says:

    There are options like adoption or having a parenting contract with someone if u really want children.

  3. smittyx3 Says:

    Brent I understand your philosophy and I agree at some points, however what if you wanted to have children? How is that possible without another person? Just a question no big deal. I know people will jump on me but I would like to hear it from you Brent if possible.

  4. askbrentsmith Says:

    Yes. The answer isn’t contact with another person…the answer is contact with reality.

  5. TubeFreakJonas Says:

    “if every man adopted a view that excluded that kind of relationship, the human race would die out.”
    I think no danger there! Nearly all people in The Matrix are attached to having offspring so we’ve got exponential population growth choking the planet. THAT is the the NOW. Can you see how far off your question is? 🙂 Brent is talking about priorities for NOW. Not some distant future where people are waking up, then we’d have other priorities. 2¢

  6. TubeFreakJonas Says:

    Even if you COULD create a close relationship with someone healthy and self-developed – no matter how great she is – this is no ultimate goal. It could serve the goal, but not BE the goal or the end in itself. The goal or purpose is always IN YOU.

    Adding a person to our life doesn’t fix anything for us – we are still responsible for our own development. Everything comes from that inner work and inner change, not the other way round.

    The Matrix leads to disappointment.

  7. erickw053185 Says:

    Great video Brent, now i think i’m going to lose a good nights sleep thinking about this.

  8. jbrizzle1234 Says:

    Very interesting hearing you talk about being connected with everything in the universe and being fulfilled from the inside instead of wanting/needing it from others. Any books that elaborate on this stuff that you could recommend Brent?

  9. minamu Says:

    My Brent Smith folder is 16.9 gigs now xD Keep ’em coming.

  10. Max2462 Says:

    I agree with most of what I hear from you Brent. I do have a question though. In talking about commited long term relationships…aka marriage/children, etc, how does your view/philosophy allow for that? For choosing someone to be with and have kids with. I only ask because if every man adopted a view that excluded that kind of relationship, the human race would die out. Perhaps i’ve not watched enough of your videos and you have explained it somewhere. Help me out here!

  11. taistelujaska2 Says:

    im commented before but i just want comment again at there lots of guys who are very grateful for you help just i wanted give back bit of thanks

  12. JoelDaMan112 Says:

    Spot On!

  13. MrTofur99 Says:

    from 7 minutes on is pure gold!

  14. foukaynas Says:

    Epic video… that literally blows one of the cornerstones of the wussy -matrix- mindset beliefs…. 

  15. askbrentsmith Says:

    You’re welcome.

  16. askbrentsmith Says:

    Yes, part 2 coming in a few days…

  17. JoelDaMan112 Says:

    …looking forward for the next vid ;)

    Thanks Brent!

  18. psteele555 Says:

    Brent, is there a part 2? I’m curious to see what you say next 🙂

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