How To Get Guys

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Alright, today I’ll explain how to get guys. The secret might be more simple than you expect however, you have to go where the guys are! You’ll have to get out there to see what’s available. The places you go will have a lot of bearing on the type of guys you meet, so keep that in mind.

Ask your friends and family how to get guys, and if they know any available guys for you. This is a good way to get guys because they’ll come with a recommendation from people you trust.

Involve yourself in activities. You’re not going to meet any guys by sitting in your house. Take part in activities you enjoy. This way, you can get  guys who have the same common interests.

Join singles groups. This can be through your job, your church or any other organization. Singles groups make an effort to throw parties and meetings where single people can get together, mingle and meet. If you were ever nervous before, this is a great way to learn how to get guys.

Join a dating service such as ULust. If you become a member of a reputable dating company, you can get guys who have been screened and are compatible with you.

Smile and look interested. Guys don’t want to approach a girl who looks mean, surly or bored. Looking friendly goes a long way toward people approaching you.

Approach a guy if you’re interested in him. You don’t have to wait for him to come to you, thats not how to get guys. Introduce yourself and talk to him to see if there’s any chemistry or if he’s interested in you.

Tips & Warnings

* Make yourself presentable whenever you try to attract someone. First impressions do count.
* Don’t scare off potential guys by talking about your last boyfriend non-stop or seeming desperate for a date.

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