How to Get A Woman: Part 1

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Life lessons on approaching woman, woman like men, so approaching them with confidence shouldn’t be hard, here is some good tips… After you watch this, click here for Part 2: Sincerely, Celebrity Talk With “Q” TheSuperCelebs “Life with Q”

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4 Responses to “How to Get A Woman: Part 1”

  1. TheSuperCelebs Says:

    It’s for you nephew, stay up, 100…Q

  2. lgmsnagga1 Says:

    Uncle Q

  3. TheSuperCelebs Says:

    @ jvalentine07 : What up Playa, thanks. Part 2 is gonna post later todsy, look for part 2, your gonna really like it, and tell your friends about Part1 & part 2.. I know you’re gonna be the “Man” with the Ladies, lol…Thanks again Playa…Q

  4. jvalentine07 Says:

    Thanks man! I’m 16 and your information is really helpful!

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