How to flirt with perfect strangers

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How to flirt with perfect strangers and make you way to the bedroom

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17 Responses to “How to flirt with perfect strangers”

  1. 2tz02 Says:

    very good movie 🙂
    I like it and want more! 🙂

  2. knightsfly5 Says:


  3. knightsfly5 Says:

    @alcusaco Send me link!

  4. alcusaco Says:

    @halofighterhq it looks like a porn intro because it is.

  5. xXxUnBeaTaBLeXxX2010 Says:

    Kiss your hand 10x, say yor crushes name 15x, post this to two videos, look at your hand

  6. 75DefenceGf Says:

    @blacky26s This video is the intro to a porno lol

  7. blacky26s Says:

    Whers the camera?does she know he has a camera?like this if ur wonderin the same thing

  8. 93bigbrandon Says:

    oh ya its fucking nice

  9. 93bigbrandon Says:

    oh fuck wut a good movie

  10. MisterEffectDenis Says:

    2:55 “Oh fuck!”

  11. hellspawn0391 Says:

    @halofighterhq it is a porno movie after all.

  12. rei9707 Says:

    lol he says “fucking” alot but props for picking up a cute girl with such bad english

  13. MrManuelibarra Says:

    @halofighterhq lmfao

  14. halofighterhq Says:

    lol the first part of the video is like a porn intro lolz..

  15. ValkyrieCaine Says:

    lol one second you’re asking for directions the next thing you are offering her coffee hehe

  16. sashetoa Says:

    I dread to imagine what damage did the sunlight cause to the camera since there is NO filter?

  17. NinjaSkillz12 Says:


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