How to Date a Stripper Tips – How to Approach a Stripper Secrets

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips If you want to get a stripper without paying, then you need to learn the secrets on how to pick up strippers that are based on my years of experience interviewing and talking to strip club insiders like strippers, pimps, and strip club managers. In the “How…

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5 Responses to “How to Date a Stripper Tips – How to Approach a Stripper Secrets”


    ive dated strippers and this dude is telling the truth cuz ive never spent a dollar for a dance and never sit at the stage. just sit in the back chill sip drinks and you’ll have more chances and you def need a personality if you act like a pig forget it bros it aint gone work lol

  2. mastersplanz Says:

    Ultimate Guide On How To Seduce And Date Strippers tinyurl(dot)com/stripperseduct­ionsecrets


    Stripper don’t love you. They don’t want you. They make 6 figures by tricking guys just like you into thinking they want you. Why the hell would they want someone like you? Its unfortunate you live a life of delusion.

  4. brightstars369 Says:

    exactly….these fucking pigs dont realize that were at work! “how to pick up strippers without paying…” pathetic!

  5. DeBOMBs88 Says:

    is this true or no?

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