How to be… Elegantly Direct (with a woman you are dating)

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17 Responses to “How to be… Elegantly Direct (with a woman you are dating)”

  1. WOODworksFilms Says:

    Why wasn’t this out when I was 15! I so needed this! Check out my Internet GF vid.

  2. bookkeeper57 Says:

    “I want to make you mine”, Direct without being crude. Sexually explicit is not only crude, but a great way to end the
    dialogue. “Direct” must also be appropriate. If you have dated her for six months in which you’ve fixed her car, finished a work assignment with her, or picked up her mom at the airport, “elegantly direct” works, because it pays tribute to an existing tie. “I want to make you mine” means nothing to a woman who never saw you before, and doesn’t hope to see you again.

  3. IronMongoose1 Says:

    *lowers head, shakes head slowly from side to side*

  4. saladin89 Says:

    lol beta

  5. insolence Says:

    lmao that was what i thought too, lol..

  6. plum413 Says:

    she is so my type
    she has skill notice hand movements
    and hi pitch voice
    men love to be babied
    men see hands gestures

  7. fhpham Says:

    It means he is too stupid to say anything intelligent, so he resorts to trying to be offensive instead. Don’t worry about it, these kind of people have miserable lives, so they try to inflict onto others! It’s their way of getting noticed in world.

  8. ManMeetsWoman Says:

    Yes, of course, try it, it works, and it’s for you to use! Thanks for watching.

  9. jpickles Says:

    If you don’t mind I’d like to use that line “You have really nice lips. They would definitely fit around my balls.” Seems to make that chick laugh which is a good ice breaker for the start of conversations.

  10. ManMeetsWoman Says:

    Ok, I gotta respond to this one. Mark, you are brilliant. Thanks for the comment.

  11. marktech101 Says:

    I have a brilliant plan to put you out of business–one pickup line!

    Do you work at Subway? Cause you just gave me a footlong!

  12. 69sickness Says:

    okay how much money did he pay her

  13. lawrencelugar Says:

    lol – thanks, captain obvious.

    who says that line you mentioned…

  14. Fattboy26 Says:

    Me so horny me luv you longtime

  15. hangbodong Says:

    what is ching chong mean?

  16. LatestUFOSightings Says:

    Thanks for the balls line. Nice chick btw ching chong

  17. weitaro Says:

    “wow! You have really nice lips! They would definitely fit around my balls!”
    I just found my line!!

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