How to Be A Pick Up Artist – A Crash Course

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips – In the next four minutes, I’m going to cram all the information you need on how to pick up and seduce women. This is the compilation of over 4 years of experience and knowledge in the dating game. As a bartender and avid student of seduction, I’ve compiled a proven system for meeting attract and seducing the women you desire. For more information, and a free 1-hour video seminar, check out my website at http Tags: how to seduce women, how to meet women, seduction, how to attract women, Neil Strauss, mystery method, pick up artist, art of seduction, seducing women, Venusian arts, vh1, style, the game, dating, relationships, art of seduction

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  1. taurusmoxie Says:

    Wow! Great video..however once you start getting the ladies, your going to need to use protection, and possibly – the morning after pill! If you want to know where to get it, try ebay or ebay’s competitor; bonanzle.

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