How to attract women: Looking Good & Confidence

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Here is the first in a series of special videos from the US No 1 Dating Coach Adam Lyons, about how to attract women. This lesson is about looks can affect confidence and hence, attraction. For more information, visit:

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7 Responses to “How to attract women: Looking Good & Confidence”

  1. nico3641 Says:

    Dude, did you just get out of bed?

  2. hitchmarker Says:

    woah. that has got to be the deepest V

  3. RussX5Z Says:

    But now I realize I failed with women because I had a weak attitude and body language to appear attractive with women.

  4. RussX5Z Says:

    The other thing that we men need to work on and develop is attitude and body language. If you look as handsome as Brad Pitt but have a weak and timid attitude and body language then you will eventually fail with women and possibly the real world too. I say this from personal experience I use to have a some women and other people tell me that I was pretty good looking and they had a hard time believing that I would have trouble with women.

  5. MaxamillianArturo Says:

    @geoshnas I’d grow one myself, except I’m in the Army so…

  6. geoshnas Says:

    @MaxamillianArturo atleast he can grow a beard kid!

  7. MaxamillianArturo Says:

    Shave your beard hippie

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