How to Attract Quality Girls and Guys (My Best Kept Secret) pt.1

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Most people that wish to attract the girls they like, tend not to because of their inabilities to be themselves. While others won’t be able to attract the girls they like being themselves. I believe that the most important tool in winning the girls or guys you like is to be both YIN & YANG, yourself and your non-self — Spiritual self and Superficial self. ID self and your Ego self. Your spiritual self is a common boundary in which all beings have and this energy is what connects everyone whether we know it or not. On the flip side, our superficial self is an energy that does the exact opposite, it likes to stay disconnected and be in the highest prized position. Both these positions are valid. We must understand that as humans become expansive in consciousness, superficiality is a by product which could be harmful to our consciousness. However, if we bear a strong understanding of ourselves, no matter how far we expand…. we’d inevitably be able to do so sustainably and non-destructively. In algorithms, we call this nondestructively expansion and compression which is the keystone to every scientific branch. Picking up girls / guys work on the same exact principle. If you are a rich person that desire quality relationship. Lose the idea of attracting females with money and start small. Learn how to affect people in a non-powered position. If you are a leader, learn how to follow those in a non-powered position and affect the most stubborn individual. If you are a

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