How to Approach Women

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This is a good way on how to approach women in a public setting without seeming creepy. You can just about approach women anywhere. You may even meet your future wife standing at a bus stop.


1. You have to get out there and seek them out! Most intelligent and classy women do not go door to door looking for dates.

2. Enter a public place such as school and check out the women

3. Seek eye contact. Maintain eye contact while trying to keep underwear and armpits dry.

4. Smile. Avoid appearing overconfident as she may find you cocky, but you mustn’t be shy either. Some women do like shy guys. But most of them want a guy who’s not afraid to go out on a limb sometimes.

5. Approach with confidence; don’t use cheesy pick-up lines, they rarely work. A simple “Hi, how are you tonight?” should break the ice. Or, if you’re a teenager, a less formal “Hey, how’s it going?” or “Hey, what’s up?” will suffice. Being polite and friendly always helps.

6. Wait for the signals that she is interested: laughing (at your hilarious jokes), flicking her hair around, etc. If she makes any physical contact, like touching your arm while she laughs, it’s a good sign.

7. If you really think she is very interested in you and you like being chased, follow this additional step on how to approach women, but it is not 100% all the time. After you are 100% sure she is wanting you like a million dollar bill at the mall after flirting for a while, simply say “It was nice talking with you” and walk away. Now if she really was interested in you enough, she might stop you and ask for your phone # or ask to meet up again.

8. Take a hint if she’s not interested. If she’s busy, or if your comic genius is not being appreciated, then say, “It was great to meet you” and cut your losses. If you come on too strong, some women might feel threatened.

9. Take it small steps at a time. If you think she is interested, don’t overdo it: be brief, return to your friends, say, “Maybe we can have a chat later.”


* Hygiene: Wash, brush your teeth, clean your ears, cut your nails, pluck those hairs out of your nose. Women notice every flaw so hide them well.

* Dress well: ask your sister or mother for advice, wear nice shoes, smell nice but don’t overdo the aftershave and smell.

* Don’t be cheap: pay for her drinks, dinner, her taxi ride home. If she insists on paying her own way, try, “I will get this one, you pay next time.” However, if she seems truly intent on paying, don’t push it! Let her, but insist you pay the next time. (Note the hint of there being a future between the two of you. Many women will pick up on this subtle comment, but not all; you may be able to ascertain if she’s interested by her reaction to this.)

* If a woman is on her own, don’t point that fact out, and beware if they are in a group of friends as you will end up having to impress more than one woman before you can approach her.

* For guys, remember that women naturally have a wider range of vision than men. When a woman glances to her side she could be trying to get a view of you. Conversely, be careful if you’re looking at women more than is normal and you can see the sides of her eyes: she can probably see you just as well as you can see her!

Now go out and practice! Practice is really the true secret on how to approach women easier!

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