How to Approach and Pickup Women During the Day (Day Game) by Love Systems PUA Stickler

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Love Systems instructor Stickler shows you how to approach a beautiful woman on the street during the day. He stops her to get her phone number, successfully interacting and building attraction so when he calls her emotion level will be high and she’ll be eager to see him again. You can learn this too! If you want to find out more on picking up women during the day with our Day Game program, please visit Love Systems 1640 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 836-0150

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25 Responses to “How to Approach and Pickup Women During the Day (Day Game) by Love Systems PUA Stickler”

  1. FuryRains Says:

    The key to attraction is to actually attract the girl, have her chase you, see guys like the way girls look so it’s easy for them to attract us, but girls like the way a guy makes them feel more than anything else, simply challenge them walk up to a woman you find attractive and don’t show it, instead challenge her for your approval, let them know they’re entering into your reality not the other way around and always stay relaxed and confident, don’t be so enthusiastic because you aren’t needy.

  2. VirgilSecondo Says:


  3. Octavideoz Says:

    wake up! you dont need to know what he SAID!! learn to have this body lenguage while you talking with a girl and you will be fine!

  4. KaciQuill Says:

    Benchmark for naughty women dating

  5. meroawrr Says:

    You could neg on this person(?) but as it seems she’s already willing talk to you in a normal way
    imagine negative remark now, she’ll try to qualify her self? nop she’ll say you aren’t her type because you made it so apparent
    but eventually you’ll say something to boss her to give you her #

  6. primeminister78 Says:

    She is like a 5, 6? Neg and she’ll commit suicide

  7. realghostnation Says:

    We have all done approaches like this. Every now and again it just works. Maybe the last 99 did not. This does not mean he has nothing to teach us.

  8. Kitsune81 Says:

    Don’t neg.

  9. EAWingZeroGundam Says:

    i tatolly agree

  10. Jenfucius Says:

    But what did he say to start the conversation?

  11. BigBeltBuckle1 Says:

    dont neg

  12. georgiev1992 Says:

    Well I am good at approach it night clubs and in streets but like i some how always fuck it with a neg what do u guys do ??

  13. KakaCracker Says:

    Yes I hate night game, can’t be bothered with stuck up women. These same women are completely normal in the day time. If you need loads of sets for ‘practise’ then nightgame is useful, but for better results day game for sure. It’s also easier to do if you’re alone.

  14. BottleBuzz Says:

    lol it worked =]

  15. rsaini1 Says:

    Big lovely IOI (hair touch) within like 5 secs lol.

  16. frankie743 Says:

    A bit too nice in my Opinion.

  17. danusdafirestarter Says:

    scarf opener ?????

  18. WebDiverGradion Says:

    Makes it look so easy!

  19. demarco767 Says:

    The Joker, Steve Miller band.

  20. langoorsingh Says:

    Simply Fantastic.

  21. Cooliomatic Says:

    what’s the song called?

  22. howmakeSOLARPANELS Says:


  23. rsaini1 Says:

    I LOVE that blondie 🙂

    cold day game is sometimes more fun than night game.

  24. Magicnuggetspua Says:

    Stopping moving sets and then actually having them stick around is a tough thing. Props!

  25. joejoesproductions Says:

    that blondie is hot and ready to be taken 😉

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