How to Approach a Girl in a Cafe

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Like this? Get more here: In this Video I give the fundamental reasons why men are anxious and fearful when approaching a woman in a café and I also explain exactly why this is so and how to overcome it by purely focusing on getting curious about her! The take away lessons from this video are Firstly become aware of your destructive thought patterns when approaching a beautiful woman in a café. Secondly, to see how those thought patterns have nothing to do with her and everything to do with you and what you WANT and intend to GET! This is why so many men hesitate and are nervous around beautiful women, that it becomes incredibly difficult to even say…’hey, how is your day going?’. For this reason, men have come up with hundreds of ‘pick up lines’ (in other words, weak excuses) to approach her, which come from that same ‘I WANT TO GET’ Mentality, and by doing so are still acting out of FEAR and HESITATION. She will feel this and it will come across incredibly inauthentic. Guess what guys, she knows and will also make up a weak excuse to run away (I don’t blame her) ! So my ‘how to’ from this video which will effectively rid you of your fear and anxiety is so simple. All you have to do is GET CURIOUS. Become curious about her, where she is from, what is her life like; get to know her reality, beliefs and mindset. In essence actually treat her like a human being that you want to get to know and build a real human connection. Fill your head up with her

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20 Responses to “How to Approach a Girl in a Cafe”

  1. MassiveM110 Says:

    Thank you for the advice..this is a great video because everything you have basically described is so true! I have major panic attacks when it comes to women but if you come at the situation from a different angle it seems to calm you’s craszy! lol

  2. TheMagneticManTV Says:

    Spot on man. The problem is most men oscillate between thoughts of their fears and thoughts of their desire. Better is to oscillate between thoughts of her and thoughts of your desire. Our approach is to first orient the focus externally and then to bring back in thoughts of desire, because external focus is what is more often missing and also what relaxes people.

  3. kollindatrickmagnet Says:

    What about thinking about yourself and what you want… reality…that’s what you want right….is her….there is the answer….just saying though!!!!!

  4. DexterHaven49 Says:

    Him: “What are you reading?”
    Her: “Oh, a book called Feminist Studies: All sex is rape. It’s about declaring war on the patriarchy.”
    Him: “Cool, gotta get back to work now…”

  5. t5e2 Says:

    i likes hairy man LOL

  6. Datruebdizzy7285 Says:

    lol, get out of my head

  7. guysparks Says:

    If it’s a girl you see everyday, then it’s even easier. You just start with a casual “Hey.” and go on from there knowing you’ll see her the next day. Little by little, you gain more trust & interest from her. Just don’t fall into the trap of being there for her as her friend because you’re not interested in that. Be seen with other women and comfortable with them all.

  8. jpmorganjr Says:

    @hakametal Don’t go in there to find out if she likes you. You are setting up a poor situation in which you put your self on trial for judgement. Go in tree because you noticed her and you want to give her a reason to like you. Go in there, make her smile and give her se insight into who you are. Listen to her and make her feel comfortable around you. And let the chips fall as they may.

  9. hakametal Says:

    Hey man, there is this girl who works in a shop in this mall. I don’t know her but every time I’m in the mall we seem to always catch each other looking at each other (not even in the same store, but outside into the mall). I don’t know if she likes me but I want to find out. I’m thinking of going in there and just asking her out for a coffee or the movies or something. I’m a shy guy so this is daunting for me!….. so any particular advice? She works behind a counter, so how should I go about??

  10. TheMagneticManTV Says:

    Then don’t focus so hard on *getting* something from her. Focus on just being friendly with her. Make her smile, make her laugh. If you are seeing her every day then let her get to know the true you.

  11. TheMagneticManTV Says:

    Then dont’ focus so hard on *getting* something from her. Focus on just being friendly with her. Make her smile, make her laugh. If you are seeing her every day then let her get to know the true you.

  12. Forger997 Says:

    Its just hard cause, what if its a girl you see every day? If you do mess up, or shes not interested it makes it uncomfortable to seeher the next day.

  13. TheMagneticManTV Says:

    @McShelldon Hah! Yea, I’m borderline crazy but not scary! 😉 – @jpmorganjr

  14. McShelldon Says:

    haha you are super hyper and scary when you speak xD “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO!? I KNOW IT SUCKS. IT REALLY DOES SUCK!” haha keep up the good videos man you got a special way of grabbing someones attention as a speaker

  15. jpmorganjr Says:

    Hah, thanks dude!

  16. TheOneTwoManny Says:

    I love you hand, gestures! 😀

  17. jpmorganjr Says:

    Cool. Glad you liked it! I’ve got to say…hot girls sit next to everyone. If anything, they avoid hot guys because they are nervous…just like guys. Watch the girls in cafes and watch the guys around them.

  18. TheMagneticManTV Says:

    Barack Obama! Hah!

  19. HolyVegeta Says:

    David Deangelo!

  20. HolyVegeta Says:

    David Deangelo!

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