How do you pick up women at noisy night clubs?

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I don’t know how people can do this because it is too loud to hear anything.

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13 Responses to “How do you pick up women at noisy night clubs?”

  1. Hello Kitty Says:

    Show them, your 100 dollars bill. You will sure to get them!

    Just kidding,
    If you’re not able to speak louder than music, you should try going to bars instead. Somewhere that is more quiet. Or you can ask a girl to dance, then buy a drink & then get to know and ask him to step out with you, to get to know her better 🙂

  2. Alloy Boy Says:

    Yep, thats why you’ll never find a good girl there, just chicks to screw because you don’t really even need to know their name.

  3. Mike Says:

    buy them a drink…get them dancing…move in close, touch them and feel them a little…get them to the bar and order a few more…ask them to come over to your place.

    Yes, it is that simple

  4. Zak G. Says:

    sheesh, you hobo, you shouldn’t pick up a girl at a nightclub, unless your 21, and stupid, any girl at a nightclub knows what there doing, there sluts…. Unless your looking for a 1-night-stand… Find 1 that’s drunk, you don’t need to say anything if they are duh, just take there hand and bring them to the motel 8 across the street….

  5. momma2aprincess Says:

    buy her a drink and ask her to dance!

  6. Vegan Life Says:

    an awful secret now being revealed to you is pick the hottest girl and find her fat friend, dance with her friend, not her, the hot chick hates being pushed back and will be intrigued.

    Another thing that I’ve seen work is to imply she looks “okay” they will ask do you like my dress. Say it’s aight. They swoon. it’s sad how easy it is really.

  7. LuK@$$$ Says:

    act all cool and sh**.

  8. DeezNutz85 Says:

    The club is not meant for deep conversation. It’s just a common area for icebreaker chit chat. Introduce yourself. Whisper a few compliments in the ear. Maybe buy her a drink. Share a dance or two. Then exchange phone numbers. Any serious developments (dates, possible future relationship, sex,) will happen later OUTSIDE the club.

  9. Jadis Says:

    yeah, if you get to pick one up shes probably a slut. Good girls go to have fun, but not to pick up guys. Anyway, here are a few ideas:

    Spill a drink on her boobs, and offer to clean it up.
    Ask her to dance.
    Try staying by the bar, and offer to buy her a drink.
    Meet them outside, on the line where it less noisy, while on line, you can chat her up, and then when you get in ask her to dance with you.

    Usually, the way I see guys do it is they just come and start dancing with them. Before you go straight to her, make sure she came alone.

  10. Chase B Says:

    well first thin u do is start off with something funny 2 say..whisper something in her ear ..make conversation buy her as drink n take it from their

  11. john n Says:

    Dance, then while your on the floor, ask for a date next week, get her number, ask if she wants to go outside and… I guess people don’t smoke anymore so that wont work.

  12. madtownmania Says:

    Flash the Benjamin’s and the girls will be on you like stink on s***.

    If those are the kind of wimmen you want to have, good luck, kiddo.

  13. jnjohn05 Says:

    This is a little tricky. But it is not impossible to accomplish. In fact, it is quite easy.

    Befriend some female friends. Get on friendly terms with them. To the point where they would like for you to accompany them to the clubs and bars. Bring at least 3-4 women with you and make sure they are fun-loving and enjoy dancing. Now, bring them with you to the club. The rest is history.

    Here’s why: Not to generalize, but it is human nature for people to compare and contrast their worth in relation to others, women are no exception. Women are also competitive and territorial (so are men). Anyway, when you bring women to the clubs with you, and you guys are dancing and enjoying yourselves-other women will be watching you.

    In their minds, they will want to take you away from the other women. Why? One, to increase their sense of self-worth. Two, since you are with women already, it is implied you are someone she wants to get to know. Three, people want what other people want.

    While you’re dancing, please focus on the women that you are with. Give them your undivided attn.

    The women who notice you will position themselves within eye-shot to get your attention.

    With this reality is created for the women, it will be child’s play, for subsequent moves.

    Hope that helps.

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