How can I get over my shyness in approaching girls?

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Okay, well I am 16 years old and I am a bet shy. I usually meet girls at parties, but the place where I see REALLY HOT girls is in the mall. Well I was with my cousin last night in the mall, and I noticed a girl in the food court. I was just talkin with my cousin and then I looked at her and she looked away. Then my cousin told me to approach her, but I just couldn’t, I was too scared and nervous.

I don’t know whats wrong with me, I should be confident. I workout, I kick box, I am in a band, I get good grades, I am good looking, I am just very shy when it comes to social skills. What should I do?

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6 Responses to “How can I get over my shyness in approaching girls?”

  1. . Says:

    if you approach a girl in public and she doesnt know you, she will think your a creepy stalker

  2. Bottles Says:

    Shoulda went up to her and been like “Eating huh…? Well, I eat food too. We’ve got something in common.”

  3. Taylor Says:

    Confidence is sexy in a woman’s eyes. But don’t be so confident where it turns into being cocky or egotistic.

  4. Exclusive Says:

    Yo theres nothing wornge with that, being you just dont like to talk to much or ur scared of smothing its like the girl is as nervouse as you first talk to ugly girls and try to keep the convo going ask lots of question try to make her laugh tell her about you be yourself but keep the convo going, then start talking to more pepole, Remebr that theres no way you can be soicl the really funny jokes you think pepole laugh at there just somtimes sucking up to that person. so its nothing speacil and then evunttly you wont have an issue aproching anyone

    try to say everything that goes on your mind to every one dont be rude but say it and like that your saying what you realy think and you will feel confident

  5. ex rabbit Says:

    Don’t think about it just do it. Things always goes worse in your mind. Remember, the only thing she can do is turn you down. You’ll live, try the next girl you see.

  6. In need of a little help Says:

    Be a flirt. Try flirting with an ugly girl first. See how nervous you feel then. Make sure she is a really ugly one. I say this because the ugly ones will NEVER turn you down. Then work your way up to the pretty ones.

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