How can I gain enough confidence to approach girls?

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I’ve been rejected quite a few times and I just decided to give up. Everytime I see a girl that I’d like to talk (like to date or something), I just freeze up and decide not to do anything. The only time I even talk to a girl is when they talk to me. How can I gain some confidence? By the way, I’m 14 going on 15

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4 Responses to “How can I gain enough confidence to approach girls?”

  1. josh Says:

    you just say fck it

  2. alina Says:

    well ur still young, but you should never lose the confidence thing….its very important for girls, well most of them at least. Very few girls approach the guys they like…they always for them to make the first move; plus confidence is always sexy. i cant tell you how many times i never noticed a guy but when he started flirting i started to like him too. So just do it, no matter how many times you could get rejected…cuz otherwise ull miss a lot of girls that like u trust me.

  3. Karma Says:

    yo just be yourself and find a sense of humor.

  4. tess25 Says:

    You just have to keep asking. Girls are just as scared to be asked out as they are to ask someone out. It takes a really guy to ask out a girl these days most guys just let them do the asking and girls like for guys to ask them out. Be proud of who you are and if a girl says no then that is her loss and you shouldn’t be dating her in the first place you could find someone better for you. Even if you don;t have confidence you can still act like you do. If a girl thinks you are confident in yourself she is more likely to say yes. Keep trying it will happen at the right time. Don’t Give up. You might be giving up someone very special because you are scared. I am proud of you for even asking again after you were rejected the first time most guys would be to scared to ever ask again. Go For IT. Good Luck

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