how can I be less nervous with women?

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Hi im a 20 year old male and i’m often nervous when talking to women and I find it hard to make conversation and if I do it wouldn’t be more then a few sentences. It’s hard for me to date because of this as they pick up on me being uncomfortable and its also hard for me to show them im interested. Are there any tips someone can give me to be smoother around women and when talking?

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3 Responses to “how can I be less nervous with women?”

  1. whitetiger731421 Says:

    Stop thinking of them as women or someone you would like to date and think of them as your best buddy/friend.

  2. Fekefufu Asoi Says:

    Yeah, go to plenty of advice there. The more you talk to people the less nervous you get so just keep on talking. Try old women first and then get younger

  3. Bob Says:

    Though it might seem weird, cheesy pickups lines sometimes help breaking the ice. It’s actually how I got into becoming more comfortable when talking to women. Also, try not to thing you’re hitting on them at first. I always imagine (when I was single and was trying to talk to women) that they’re just your good friend and that you can open up around them. I hope I helped.

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