Help David Spates Get Laid !!! ( Interactive Game ) ★DSIG★

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Click to tweet this video! ★★★★★Featured Pick★★★★★ Help David spates Get Laid !!! ( Interactive Game )Check out David’s many other sketch comedy and vlog videos at Many more videos on the way! Featuring : Al Thompson Denise Chris Starr Camera: Jus Riley Check Out David’s Sketch Comedy Videos Playlist at: Check Out his Vlog videos playlist at: Check out his “Dear Dave” videos playlist at : Add David on these other sites Chris The Crackhead & Cockblocking T-shirts at Other Merchandise at http

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25 Responses to “Help David Spates Get Laid !!! ( Interactive Game ) ★DSIG★”

  1. caliBornbEauty Says:

    no good can come of this…lol

  2. killawhite119 Says:

    just caz i hate ur videos so much im going to make a new playlist with all of ur vids and ima call it horrible comedy

  3. killawhite119 Says:

    dood u are not that funny like at all so stop trying or get way better and get 1 mill vues

  4. TheLbFalcon Says:

    Hey dude, cool video, im making a pokemon fire red series! please watch my videos

  5. ysaddict Says:

    21 people never got laid.

  6. Fjerid Says:

    Man that’s my sister we’re talking about! Hahaha! Cracked me up!!

  7. backhand630 Says:

    @0MG1TZRJ1 not d

  8. xavierhoward13 Says:

    lmao dave your too funny man

  9. Loweeazy Says:

    i think u cool but last game i had a feeling so i put it on mute so haha

  10. GaMeSkZeRo Says:

    @daQueeN1227 Just Watch It >:L

  11. daQueeN1227 Says:

    @darkevil923 wat happen on his last game?

  12. vnllawytchkltblndie Says:

    lol at the micheal jackson and Chris tucker lines

  13. TheKickboxChampion Says:

    Producers he is funny as hell put him in a comedymovie or any movie 😉

    David Spates you the MEN !!! KEEP DOIN YOUR THING BRO .!!!!.


  14. silverownz1 Says:

    doesnt work for me . . .

  15. bflatism Says:

    yo C was the funniest

  16. PzXSkyLine Says:

    this game is fun!

  17. zZToastie Says:

    B was the best 🙂

  18. da18yearoldman Says:

    i like the game. its very convenient. :))) great vid.

  19. Pickelinc Says:

    Hey Awsome Video But I Jus Uploaded My First And Was Jus Wonderin If Anyone Can Check It Out And Tell Me What You Think Please Rate Comment and Subscribe

  20. oHSosWe3t Says:

    You rock my world!

  21. 7284jordan Says:

    i didnt get to click on the letter!!!!

  22. oneofonex1 Says:

    you need to patent this

  23. fhadj Says:

    Nice “You Rock My World” reference Dave, lol

  24. TomGi1995 Says:

    You rock my world!!! 0:25

  25. 50CENT123GO Says:

    Option E: Walks away and watches other guy get beat lol.

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