he laid 80 women in 2011 listening to Player Supreme advice.mp4

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playersupreme.info He met and laid 80 women in 2011 following my how to attract women advice. He actually followed the steps outlined in my how to attract women programs and was able to increase his dating life with meeting and dating hot women.

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11 Responses to “he laid 80 women in 2011 listening to Player Supreme advice.mp4”

  1. TheLegend8010 Says:

    @ThePlayerSupremeshow I know you are right if you teach me step by step I know I can master it I already feel it

  2. thejordysosa Says:

    if u diss like you a faggot stright up

  3. zibbz80 Says:

    Hah this game is easier than sum people would imagine. Look good, get their attention and just go straight for what you want. Feels good to my ears when its put up that way

  4. mshaman86 Says:

    the church of game is in session. i got much respect for you brotha.

  5. METALBUG999 Says:

    80 women in one year?  WOW. I wonder what player supreme’s record is for one year?

  6. shotym34 Says:

    Shit im sold lol i would like to date a better qulity of women. when i lived in oregon i could date any girl i wanted. didnt really have to say much. but when i moved to cali it was a whole new ball game and i found out quickly i didnt have much game at all. thats when i knew i needed tools to help my social life. I dont wanna date some ugly girl just to have sex with..i want beautiful chicks on my arm again. i think this program will also help my entertainment career as well.

  7. ethanplg Says:

    Dats right playa, no pussy boys! haha You are the shit brother. Much respect.

  8. mamobster1500 Says:

    I’m glad I stood up to my mother at a young age to avoid falling down that path. Having a older buddy made it better since he taught me some things. I learned some things from my father too. I’m an Atheist so religion has never had an impact on how I carry myself towards women.

  9. TheRealBlackula Says:


  10. aries0083 Says:

    Player, you’re Morpheus and the haters are Cypher if you get my drift. 🙂

  11. MuscleSweetBoy Says:

    Player Supreme can you post a link to the Playboy-Game channel? Thank you!

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