Have You Found Love On Online Dating Sites?

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I have just signed up with an online dating site. Are men really on there to find love or are they just on it to get some you-know-what?

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6 Responses to “Have You Found Love On Online Dating Sites?”

  1. wildnigh Says:

    you know whats funny, everyone has this notion that online dating or whatever is not safe and bla bla.
    almost everyone i know is married, or had met there love on their, both men and women. sometimes its better to meet them on there because its based first on personality and then when you meet in person you already have that connection so its that much easier, not so akward.
    good luck!

  2. John S Says:

    Well i never have, but people must do if they still keep on going. However i wouldnt pay to find love, you cant buy love. To be honest, meeting over the internet isnt the most romatic way to fall in love anyway, and im just being honest 🙂

  3. Ava-Scarlett x Says:

    ummm…my uncle has married ppl he met on dating sites
    like idk th
    i think most guys r just in it 4 the money
    i wouldnt mess w/ it
    true luv will come 2 u when its meant 2 b
    thats wut happened 2 me anyways =]]

  4. Sienna Says:

    you don’t find love, love find you…. go out there and find it online can help but love finds you when your least expecting it so stop waiting around and go have some fun with some girl friends or something

  5. miss.lea Says:

    Im on an Online Dating site. Im trying to find true love.

  6. papichul Says:

    huni these kinda website just ripping money off.. u dont need that.. where abt r u ? i m single as well… dont mind a chat… add me anaroxia@hotmail.com
    you dont find love … love finds u 🙂

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