Has Anybody Ever Actually Had Success With Online Dating?

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I’m just curious, have any of you actually tried online dating? Was it successful? I’m not saying I want to try it, I just want to know if it really works and how much you had to pay for it.

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7 Responses to “Has Anybody Ever Actually Had Success With Online Dating?”

  1. Melony J Says:

    I met my boyfriend on Yahoo Personals. I set it up on a while and he sent me a message. I didn’t pay a thing, but he spent the $29 specifically for me :-)……tells me it was worth every penny. We’ve been together for 6 months now and there is a future there. I was very anti online dating, but I gave it a shot and it was totally worth it. We live less than 10 minutes away and never would have met without it.

  2. Kimmy Says:

    Hey. Well I personally have a friend who tried it and failed a lot. The reason being though was because he didn’t know what he was doing at all. A lot of people forget that there is knowledge to be learned everywhere, and this is one of those areas. He tweaked up his approach a bit and I’m glad it’s working for him now.
    Also about paying for it, I don’t see why you have too. MySpace and Facebook are free and get incredible traffic.
    I hope this helps

  3. Talk to me. Says:

    its for hopless people searching for a last resort. When you have kids are you going to say, “well we met over eharmony”? Its dumb and you gotta be careful of who is out there. Pick up something else to do. True love will wait. Have I tried it? Nope, and never will

  4. stephani Says:

    i meet people on hear and i came across some good women but not to the point of dating. gotta be carfull but im sure there aere some really good ladies on hear who do have a godo heart and will see me in the right way

  5. vaughn favrua Says:

    I have had success with everything I’ve done in life, so yes.

  6. sharks_n Says:

    I didn’t. All I got were guys that just wanted to have sex.
    I didn’t try eharmony though

  7. Melanie B Says:

    It worked for me. I went thru Eharmony..we’re together now, it cost me about $150 over a 4 month period of time I believe.

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