Grand Theft Auto IV: TBoGT the bus stop at hercules nightclub

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this is a video of the bus stop, I thought Louis was jammin like a mofo so i decide to let every one see him jam, and yea this is the gay club but luckily you get to dance with a woman

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24 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto IV: TBoGT the bus stop at hercules nightclub”

  1. propanda241 Says:


  2. greyfoxau Says:

    You have to do the bus stop at Hercules & Massionate 9 to get the trophy. The girl spanking Luis ass (2.33) LOL

  3. greyfoxau Says:

    You have to do the bus stop at Hercules & Massionate 9 to get the trophy.

  4. 1razbrum Says:

    i dance perfectyl but the bus stop thingy dont come up and i dont get the trophie help me plzzz

  5. gta41978 Says:

    if u get the dance with the gay guy, can u still get the line dance, i did the other club fine, i cannot for anything get the line dance here, its always that dance off, then a kiss at the end

  6. ot2kloon Says:

    young hearts run free by candy station (:

  7. TheAndreisukaru Says:

    pls what is the name of the song in the begining ?

  8. UnchartedSora225 Says:

    the girls of that club are soo soo hot,is a sin,they are lesbians,if they doesn’t love womans,i go to the hercules and i’ve pick they in the bathroom for have hard sex!

  9. gtaiscool1231 Says:


  10. tobyburn Says:

    that bus stop needs to be YMCA 

  11. hellooooooooooooism Says:

    during hold if you press of l2 and r2 together it goes faster!

  12. gritynity Says:

    for some reason i cant do the Bus Stop dance even after i danced perfectly

  13. MurdocLC Says:


  14. nisim2000 Says:

    omg you are gay faggottttttt fuck you FAGGGGG

  15. Holland14K Says:

    yeah, you still can.

  16. AmAtOrY7 Says:


  17. yupitsvince Says:

    i think its supposed to do tht…like there havin a black gay night or sumthin

  18. gamefreak3300 Says:

    nice vid

  19. ThePaco94 Says:

    i dont know why but one day at this same club everybody was black. and i was like WAT T3H FUUUNNNK!!!!!!

  20. SenorEuphoria Says:

    Can you upload the gay dance off? It’s fucking hilarious, but you can’t watch it because you have to concentrate on the dancing.

  21. sinisterking Says:

    is this a gay club?

  22. CFodderESG Says:

    Ah, that one. Glad you found out what it was!

  23. 2ndprodigy Says:

    Thank you, but I was thinking of the first song in Hercules.

    It’s Young Hearts Run Free – Candi Stantan

  24. CFodderESG Says:

    The main song (of the Bus Stop sequence) is

    The Fatback Band – (Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop.

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