Google helped me get laid – then I got an STD

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Google helped me get laid, but then I got an STD. I tried to put my mindset on what a “guy” would search for. Anyways, this is all for shits and giggles.

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10 Responses to “Google helped me get laid – then I got an STD”

  1. swtxwishes Says:

    @loookitsmee hmm..not so sure. i used a little format made by youtube. i made the search queries up, but youtube did everything else for me. you could trying going to the link stated at the end of the vid….

  2. loookitsmee Says:

    very smart video haha
    can i ask what is the song name?

  3. VideoGuyNC Says:


  4. RaineDrops Says:

    lololol XD

  5. guitareruption Says:

    hahahah, nice

  6. QTeddy7 Says:

    they would if they checked on your channel, now i’m thinkin you had a sex change hahaha playing

  7. Stylefree83 Says:

    lol nice

  8. screwopenborders Says:

    Lol all these whores men and women are having fun right now but in a short amount of time hiv and other stds could become huge problem.

  9. swtxwishes Says:

    @QTeddy7 Haha, no one would know that I, a girl, would make this kind of video. I was going to put “how to dress sexy” as the query, but I thought ‘male enhancers” was funnier.

  10. QTeddy7 Says:

    i would have put in women stuff to make it more less sexist but thats me lol haha

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