Good Morning America (Clip) with Find Your Facemate

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Christina Bloom, the founder of Find Your Facemate, is interviewed by Good Morning America about her innovative free dating website. Using facial recognition technology, matches facial features to find compatible couples. Many couples who look alike, such as Seal and Heidi Klum, or Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, are often the most in love with each other. is a unique new dating site that will help you find romance and start dating people you have real chemistry with. Watch to find out more about how to date online with and its facial recognition technology. It’s online dating for everyone!

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2 Responses to “Good Morning America (Clip) with Find Your Facemate”

  1. GordonWayneWatts Says:

    Yes, couples DO get along better if they are more similar, and yes this includes physical appearance. In fact, a U.S. News & World Report reports that: “More than 90 percent of all people marry and, they typically chose mates who closely resemble themselves, from weight and height, to intelligence and values, to nose breadth and even earlobe length.” (p. 59 of the July 19, 1993 issue)

    PS: Since I’ve subscribed 2 yr channel, I can respond with Lightening FLASH speed!

    ‘Flash’ Gordon Wayne Watts

  2. DarkReapersGrim Says:

    I think I buy into this premise because both the guy and girl would be less self-conscious or waivering seeing as their dating partner (future spouse) has the facial features. Plus, I’m not a scientist, but I think there is something in our DNA that makes us attracted to people who look like us (not in color or ethnicity, but facially). What I don’t buy into are their examples. The couples listed as their examples both here and on their website (with some exceptions) look almost nothing alike.

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