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Showing Romantic Interest and Getting Laid

getting laid

If you make her feel as though she is special and you will be getting laid before you know it. If you are like many people, you have listened when a woman has told you that she wanted to be equal, wants to be treated the same way a man is treated. What women did not tell you, most likely because they did not know it themselves, was that they want to be treated the way they think that men are usually treated. Many women have the delusion that men’s lives are very easy and that anything that a man could want is guaranteed to be handed to him, and usually by a woman of course. As guys, we understand that life is not that easy and nobody is going out of their way to help us out or make life easy for us. So when lady told you she wanted to be treated with equality, you said to yourself, “Cool, I’ll treat you like one of the guys,” I’m sure you noticed that when you did, they did not put out for you. The bottom line; no matter what women may say, you have to make her feel as though they are special if you want to have sex. You have to do all of the extra work, find out what things make her feel like royalty in a faery tale, and then follow up on all of it.

In order to seduce women, you need to take her into some other world, a wonderful world where only you two exist, a world of romance, a world of poetic beauty. Sometimes this happens easily with women; if you have ever fallen in love, you will remember what it was like to feel like you are the only two people in the entire world. You will also remember that she really wanted sex. And she wanted it badly. If you have never felt this way, do not feel bad; if you follow these easy to use guidelines, you can learn to make those beautiful feelings happen. It’s your obligation if getting laid is your goal. So how is it done? Where do I begin?

– Be on the watch for romantic situations or ideas. Train your brain to constantly be looking for small ways that romantic moments could possibly be created. An associate of mine was at a little Oriental place a few days ago, opened his fortune cookie,and got the fortune: “Take the next chance you see-it will be your entrance into a beautiful world”. Seeing a great looking woman sitting by herself at a nearby table, he wrote his name and number on the rear of the little fortune. Then, as he left stopped at her table he said “you look a little lonesome, perhaps this fortune will put a little sunshine in your day. Oh, and, I think you look exquisite.” She grinned, probably thinking that was the corniest line she had ever heard, but accepted the fortune anyway. He smiled and left. A few days later she called him and, guess what; they have a date planned. By the way, pick-up lines do not have to THAT corny!

– Make it look as though you put a lot thought into it. Most women feel special if they believe you have done some specific preparation just for them. Preparing a meal or giving her a hand-made card will make her feel as though you were sitting around contemplating ways to delight her. When you do things to make her feel she is one-of-a-kind and appreciated it will really increase her desire to have sex with you.

– Do something out-of-the-ordinary and special. Do not take her to the same places you would go with friends if you want sex. Take her somewhere that is just for her. Maybe a small cafe or a picnic on the beach with a bottle of champagne. Even “artsy” type films or perhaps a museum can be considered out-of-the-ordinary type dates. You could even memorize some poetry for her. That should make a woman feel very special indeed.

– Stay focused on the details. Most women love all the little things, so you need to make certain every little thing is correct when you are trying to seduce a lady. This could mean some nice, scented candles, fresh roses everything you can think of. Everything needs to be clean and spotless. Starting a hot romance is all in the details.and you must have everything in order to succeed. Always look for situations that can create romantic feelings. Getting laid is really this simple. Not easy, but simple. If you take the time you need to make her feel special, you will get laid soon enough.

You should show your romantic interest immediately. Do not make the biggest mistake many make when trying to seduce a woman.

The worst thing you can do is to try to be her friend first and then turn up the romance later on. Big mistake. Letting your romantic interests be known right away when meeting is one of the biggest “getting laid” time-savers in this section. You really need to let her know of your romantic interest straight away, and then the woman will know “how’ you are interested in her. There will be no misunderstandings later on. Quite a few men believe that they need to begin a non-romantic friendship first, before letting their romantic interest be known. So a lot of people start out by being a woman’s friend first, thinking that then she will feel safe and secure, and will be lusting to have sex with them.

This could not be further from the truth. The absolute worst thing you can do in romancing a woman and trying to get laid is becoming a friend first. At most it will make getting laid with her take much longer and be more difficult. But, most likely, it will crush your chances of getting laid with her completely.

Women usually decide the status of a man in their lives very quickly. And that decision is very hard to change. You REALLY do not want her to say something like “I wish I could meet someone like you”. That is the death sentence as far as getting laid is concerned.

Here is what you need to do; You need to show your true intent in the relationship right away by doing things a romantically interested suitor would do. Make eye contact, and keep it, with her for just a little bit too long, then maybe smile and complement her in some way. You may also want to wink at her, after you have gotten to know her a little.Smile at her, touch her in a romantic, sensual sort of way. True, showing your romantic interest in her straight away is risking offending her, but here’s the thing you need to remember: as discussed earlier, she is most likely deciding your status in her life right away. If you are acting like a romantic suitor, she will mentally put you in the romantic prospect category right away, for good or ill. She will put you there because you are behaving like you belong there. If you act like a friend, well, guess which category you will immediately go into. And as a bonus, when you show your true desire and romantic interest right away and she doesn’t like you, you know not to continue pursuing her right then! You will know right away that she is not interested, at least not romantically, and you can stop wasting your time and move on.

Do not be afraid of rejection. You must have the guts and inner drive to just go for it. Everyone gets rejected, it is just part of the “dance”. So if you get rejected, just move on to your next dance partner!

Many people feel broken and humbled when a woman says “no.” They get down on themselves and want to give up. Or they think that they think that they are losers. Some guys also tend to throw tantrums, get mad and blame the woman. These are all normal human reactions, but these reactions will do you no good and will not help you get laid.

Of course it difficult to hear a woman say “no.” It is also difficult to be jerking off in your bedroom alone when you really want to be out getting laid for real. Remember; getting rejected is just part of the dance. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will hear the word “no” from women.You just need to be Persistent. Even if it takes one hundred “no’s” for that one “yes”,Persistance is the key to success.

Some key points to remember:

Show your romantic interest right away.

Do not be a friend, be a romantic suitor.

Remember that everyone gets rejected, sometimes often. Just be persistent.

There are many, many women out there who would love to have sex with you. You just have to find them.

Look at it this way; even Babe Ruth struck out sometimes. Hell, he struck A LOT! But is that what he is remembered for? No. He is remembered for all the home runs he hit.

Now, despite the strike outs, go out and hit some Home Runs!

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