Getting Laid Tips

Getting Laid Tips

getting laid

Getting Laid with the least amount of hassle or trepidation, here is a short list of very simply tasks to complete:

1. Join Adult Friend Finder, my recommended adult dating site. This adult dating site will probably be the best place to start for two reasons. One, they verify profiles so you don’t end up chatting with your plumber pretending to be a hot babe… and two, members at Friend Finder are ALL there for the same reason YOU are… to get laid!

2. Browse for members that really turn YOU on. Bypass anyone who does NOT because there will be plenty who do, believe me.  And now, for the most important step…

3. Copy and paste this short message: “I Want You” as the subject. Then for the body of the message write simply, “Damn, you are so hot I am at a lose for words. Lets get together for _______ (fill in blank)”

Listen, this is not Shakespeare. You are there to get laid, not chat about the meaning of the universe or the latest Batman movie. You and your new sex partner are there for the same reason, to get laid, so go with the flow, so to speak, and be direct and honest.

Getting laid is not that hard to do and you can copy and paste this short message to 100 or more women (if you ARE a woman you have it easy there!) and the law of averages will get you laid faster than you can tear open that first condom package…

That’s it! I really do not have any more advice than that because, quite frankly, the information above will get the job done very efficiently. So much so, that you will never be without sex partner for the rest of your life. So go at it! Get yourself laid NOW!


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