Fool Proof Tactics For MEETING WOMEN!

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To see the documentary entitled “Black Woman Walking,” click this link: My video, “Fool Proof Tactics to MEETING WOMEN” is somewhat of a video reponse where I talk about the downside of approaching women on the street and why it is a bad place to meet women. I discuss better options and give men tips & tactics that will boost their success with women.

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25 Responses to “Fool Proof Tactics For MEETING WOMEN!”

  1. JunebugObama Says:

    @davidxrodriguez I have an upcoming audio book that answers all your questions. Sub and stay tuned.

  2. davidxrodriguez Says:

    so what do you say when you get a girl’s attention?

  3. JunebugObama Says:

    @lemmieatit One of the sexiest women I ever met in my life was at a laundromat. I don’t think I would have been able to get her if I saw her on the street or in some loud ass club.

  4. lemmieatit Says:

    @JunebugObama Laundromat or supermarket are excellent places. Also bars-but the setting has to be right;Not too loud or crowded is ideal. Sit right next to her and strike up a conversation. And don’t limit yourselves to black women. As you get older, you realize they can be way too much effort.

  5. jayyblaze23 Says:

    At 6:13 is hilarious people do everything for attention obama 80

  6. sarahiashl Says:

    Real online BBw women for you

  7. eyeonwashparish Says:

    6:33 Guess she never saw The Shining. Redrum! Redrum!

  8. datingwomensex Says:

    This is good info. Keep this stuff coming.

  9. truelegendinblack Says:

    shit i first i thought youd be speaking bullshit but i always give people a chance but hell yeah man you give pretty good advice and make alot of sense. sounds alot like the truth good on peeping game

  10. ValWandac Says:

    Cool things here naughty ladies ****

  11. AGElite87 Says:

    whos the girl at 6:14

  12. CCRoxtar Says:

    In the days when I was young, dumb & full of cum, I might not have had much of the discomfort that women experience as you talk about here. But now that I’m in my 30s I do reciprocate the discomfort (think Duke & Hofstra). Anyway, my approach these days is to simply stop looking. I occupy myself with hobbies that I’m comfy doing alone. If one of those hobbies leads me to meeting the right partner, great. And if not, so be it. Part of growing up is learning to stand alone.

  13. lionied2 Says:

    @Ujean76 4:18 ROFLCOPTER WEAVE!!!!

  14. blackPowerStick Says:

    i have met alot of black women at black history related seminars and oversease investment groups

    sport events like boxing matches

  15. Ujean76 Says:

    4:18 LOL

  16. JunebugObama Says:

    @JXJ1326 I would hope so too, my friend, but here where I live, there are “MEGA CHURCHES,” and people are using them to hook up with each other. Some of the mega churches are like night clubs with scriptures and collection plates.

  17. JXJ1326 Says:

    hey Junebug, from 8:47 mark, there was a bubble noted ‘you can pick up women at church too’ yes i agree, but if a man were to find a woman at church, i hope both the man and the woman are God-fearing, and God-loving people to biblical standards.

  18. SpazzzDog Says:

    This is all interesting advice and a curious investigation of the female psyche. Except it’s useless for me; wrong species.

  19. SpazzzDog Says:

    I was sitting next to this attractive woman last Thursday at the car dealership. I could TELL she was an attention whore. I didn’t even acknowledge her existence. I sat down and read Nietzsche the whole time. 😛 When I started to sense more tension from her for attention, I turned away and buried myself deeper in my book. She eventually got up and move someplace else licking her bruised ego lol. Victory! haha!

  20. lemmieatit Says:

    Light, humourous, spontenious conversation works most of the time. Grab their attention quickly. Before they could figure out they’re being bagged, you’d have won them over already

  21. bowerybaker Says:

    junebug one thing i notice with black women is when i approach them with sex, they want emotions, and when i approach them with emotions they want sex.

  22. keepthapinit Says:

    Thank you…

  23. Forty1Second Says:

    Spoken oh so true!

  24. keepthapinit Says:

    I know I’m late on this, but here goes…Chances are that if you meet a woman in a club, she’s probably gave 987743878947757894018378093566587821309872 dudes her number…Or she could be a regular at that club, and know Security, Bartenders, or the DJ on a intimate level..

    If you do meet her in a club, just try not to get emotionally attached…I don’t care if you have good chemistry with her..Just sit back and observe before you make that leap..

    I hope that answer your question..

  25. BermudaEntrepreneur Says:

    Foolproof tactics for meeting men:


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