Extras – Darren and Barry try to pick up women

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Darren and Barry in action

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25 Responses to “Extras – Darren and Barry try to pick up women”

  1. skipaa2 Says:

    “the over heads are probably extortion in here”

  2. TheMoodyMoose22 Says:

    The final scenario was one of funniest scenes in the show. :L

  3. jgrew030 Says:


  4. omifical124 Says:

    lmao the start was soo funny , tell them to buy a drink or get out loool

  5. DilkingtonsDiary Says:

    lol!! love it 🙂

  6. TheRocknRollZebra Says:

    oh the brunettes from ‘not going out’

  7. jfwade13 Says:

    stephen’s head is almost touching the ceiling 

  8. Bootstrap193 Says:

    imagine if this worked

  9. tomzablee Says:

    yeah very funny :)

  10. tomzablee Says:

    I know, ive listened to all of XFM and all the audiobooks/podcasts 🙂

    Plus I saw him do stand up last night! <3 🙂

  11. tomzablee Says:

    Up to, a maximum value, of say fifteen pounds.

  12. wassupjg Says:

    ladies don’t know a good deal when they see one

  13. claudeberg Says:

    Barry knows how to take rejection well.

  14. ChristopherJRobin Says:

    let’s get down to business, who wants Barry off Eastenders?

  15. j0nb0y77 Says:

    barrys outfit is the greatest thing ever

  16. jamesheart24 Says:

    “Or you could walk home, pocket the cash, you’ve made a sweet, sweet profit.”

  17. aptspire Says:

    “All right, so, we got ten minutes, so I thought we could do 7 minutes of foreplay, and then a minute break, and then that would leave 2 minutes to finish up” 😉

  18. ringadong Says:

    I dunno, that blonde woman doesn’t seem to be taking it too well.

  19. I8PeeMehrdad79 Says:


  20. Tinkuman28 Says:

    lmao i love his lacoste jacket. classic barry.

  21. RickySteveAndKarlFan Says:

    I feel like trying this tonight.

  22. RickySteveAndKarlFan Says:

    HAHAHA Good One lol

  23. wunderbeast Says:

    i would think the blonde one is the “fit one”

  24. enaksound Says:

    This is weird me saying this but as much as I dislike spinoffs a lot, I genuinely think a one about the life of Darren Lamb would actually work. One of the greatest English comedy characters!

  25. Hebdomas Says:

    remember this guy, it’s only Barry off Eastenders

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