Eddie Murphy about women part 1 (RAW, 1987)

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Eddie Murphy talks about american women. From his legendary “RAW” standup, 1987

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25 Responses to “Eddie Murphy about women part 1 (RAW, 1987)”

  1. TheSuperhall Says:

    i dont see no ring on the finger :L XD

  2. IalreadyWON18 Says:

    AND A BIG FUCKED UP AFRO!!!! X,D where did the old eddie go.?

  3. dflowers30 Says:

    Amazing that Eddie said this about 80`s women but what he saying applies to women today. Especially about the job. Its almost impossible to get a chick without a JOB

  4. fealmor Says:

    “he got 300 mil that ENDS THE MEAT like a mf’er!!”

  5. efcdk92 Says:

    Should have warned Paul McCartney

  6. Shamoles Says:

    Lmao is it weird i took this video more seriously then funny?

  7. Zares28 Says:

    9:34 FUCKED UP AFRO!

  8. CitiesAreWack Says:

    No pussy xD

  9. Breshaun718 Says:

    “awela-wela-wela” lmao that is soo funny

  10. DAVROSS44 Says:

    After seeing this 1000 times it is STILL the funniest shit ive seen!!

  11. pokedoom007 Says:

    This is so fuckin EPIC!

  12. simplechocolatediet Says:

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  13. Dekorum1989 Says:

    Deaf people must be loving this!

  14. tnnakhle Says:

    6:00 Hilarious!

  15. TheUzumakianbu Says:

    he made me literally fell out of chair laughing……

  16. bboysedo Says:

    you may speak..

  17. MissMerBear Says:

    and a big FUCCKKED UP afro!

  18. emilz85 Says:

    @biggielilboy Go tell it to the people who made the DVD.

  19. biggielilboy Says:

    Fucked up Subtitles.

  20. ferbrez619 Says:

    “where you going”
    “excuse me?”
    “I said where you going”
    “you dont own me”
    you my women aint you”
    “i dont see ring on this finger”
    “where you gonna be”
    “you dont own me”

  21. 20dasdave07 Says:

    love it !!!

  22. alexgorman13 Says:

    Amazing this is the same guy that plays Donkey in Shrek lol

  23. 7MMXX Says:

    “Baby I love you”
    “What have you done for me lately?”
    “You the only thing on my mind”
    “What have you done for me lately?”
    “We make good love”

  24. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Says:

    I would say this is accurate, but II doubt american women were as horrid in the 80s


    @Kellystarrr no you need a uppercut in the face bitch

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