Dress & Style to Attract Women

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Learn one basic principle of style to attract quality women.

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25 Responses to “Dress & Style to Attract Women”

  1. nickintp Says:

    I’m going to PEA”COCK” my way to some young pussies.

  2. antonloo Says:

    @antonloo what a boring guy

  3. antonloo Says:

    mystery, famous pickup artist, says the opposite: peacock-theory: the more extraordinary you appear, for example by wearing a huge hat or a vampire like coat, the more attractive women will find you. This is, because you make a bold move, which takes courage. Since you walk around attracting everyones attention, you are the alpha. What do you think about that?

  4. bassochadic Says:

    Im sure mystery would have some major dissagreements with that statement. I personally have found mysterys advice on wearing one unsual/unique/interesting item to work very well. If I go out ill wear a funny hat or something along those lines and I notice right away that girls will be approaching me with coy remarks about my stupid hat and boom no opener needed. Just limit to one other wise you’ll look like a modern day mad hatter

  5. RNRDOLL Says:

    I agree but women like interesting looks too. Your first line in attraction is your appearance. My advice is to dress down a little, but don’t look boring either. It helps to at least LOOK through a mens style mag or Buckle.com or something every now and then, grab an idea or two..it doesn’t hurt. ‘Teach a man to fish…”

  6. RNRDOLL Says:

    @patpock Dont use this particular video’s advice in high school dude. In high school its all about shallow popularity, so if you want to get laid there, I STRONGLY advise you not to waste your time on being subtle. Instead, take a cue from David Arquette in ‘Never Been Kissed’ or Mike Damone from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ (minus the premature ejaculation!). GO FOR THE THROAT and socialize like a motherfucker. High school girls are leeches, they cling onto whoever is ‘cool’

  7. RNRDOLL Says:

    @Alainpozzo Well rappers dont normally have a problem getting laid now do they? case closed. Most black folks dont dress flamboyantly either, especially over the age of 35. You watch too much MTV.

  8. SprayedToTheBone Says:

    @Jvilleman31 a vast majority of people dont know who their true self is…they just follow trends and generally whats thought to be ”in” fashion.

  9. siyadss Says:

    ya ya

  10. ScottiG06 Says:

    fuck u!

  11. Jvilleman31 Says:

    just b urself, dat includes style & dress, if a woman doesnt like ur style or how u r den forget her, im gonna stand out im gonna b different and im gonna b myself, i aint gonna dress boring or “suttle” or howeva its spelled just for women, i mean im not like so different or flamboyant dat i juss look like an idot im myself

  12. firewind10100 Says:

    I like guys who have a soft side and dark side but mostly a bit of both 😀

  13. Captainprice213 Says:

    i im ur student

  14. Starved4Truth Says:

    @Alainpozzo Haha just look at most of their personalitys! … they need the flash to attract and trick them into believing their cool. Just look at Kanye hahaha

  15. yusefdoodie Says:

    Girls love my afro 🙂

  16. patpock Says:

    does this stuff work on girls in highschool? I’ve been watching alot of your videos but i dont know if it’s just for older girls like in college or if highschool girls go for this kind of stuff. (Im in highschool by the way)

  17. TheBschmallz Says:

    i love big tities

  18. ShahnamPersia Says:

    I completely disagree with your point in this video!
    What dress code is, is to reflect your individuality and style. It could be Suit and it could be all leather and all can attract different women. The whole point is, choosing a clothing that YOU ARE MOST COMFORTABLE with. As that would boost your confidence!

  19. ShahnamPersia Says:

    @arkady39 no he means, if you after a Goth girl, don’t dress up like a rapper! Hope it’s clear now.

  20. TheMscrp Says:

    @jakjak152 I do not understand ONE WORD of this. Can u reword it please!??

  21. jakjak152 Says:

    @TheMscrp yeah. germen lederhousen with a 12 guage folded over your arm. many enough?

  22. katenka28 Says:

    i love stylish guys.. they are so attractive. very true.. more guys need to see this. 🙂

  23. Thegrandsultan Says:

    @Alainpozzo U SUCK BALLS!

  24. joeysixtysix Says:

    You just need to have a style, any style. Just don’t go walking around looking like every other guy out there. Set yourself apart, but dont get too over the top.If every guy in the bar is into a certian style and you dress in a different style women approach you. Works all the time. Where I live guys all dress western, wranglers, hats, big belt buckles etc. I go in wearing baggy jeans a sleeveless shirt showing tattoos, shaved head, and a little jewelry and women approach me every time.

  25. carlosb1 Says:

    very true!!!

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