Do women pick up their mother’s money habits ?

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There was a book called ‘A Girl’s Guide to Money’ by American Girl Place – the co. that makes all those girl dolls.

One page said that a girl who comes from a family where the mother was very frugal will pick up her spending habits . Same with a girl from come from a rich family and sees her mother shop up a storm.

Is this true ??

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8 Responses to “Do women pick up their mother’s money habits ?”

  1. GenXGirl Says:

    Not necessarily. Our mothers can teach us what they want, but eventually we’ll go our own way, for better or worse, and this includes money habits.

  2. Tea & Gin girl Says:

    It’s true in my case.

    She’s also a bit of a pessimist as am I. And my husband is an optimist like my father.

  3. Ghostboy Says:

    No not really. you pick up a few habits here and there from your parents and you might end up spending your money jsut the way your mum did, but you might as well be the total opposite (e.g. “confessions of a shopaholic” =>very frugal mum vs. shopaholic daughter).

  4. Freedom119 Says:

    I believe that if the girl is comfortable with the example her mother sets that she will follow it however if she feels as if it is wrong or can’t assimilate with her mother she will choose to search for another way to handle her own money habits.

  5. L Says:

    Not in my case.
    My mother`s super sensible with money and always has been.
    I`m getting better, but can be quite an impulse shopper (`I have to have that, now…..bills, what bills?`). However, having spent the last 18 months plus just doing basic budgeting, I`m almost done with my debts, so I`m learning.
    I still love *stuff* though, I won`t be returning to my impulsive shopping ways!

  6. niny Says:

    Yes I think I agree

  7. maiathebeegrrl Says:

    I don’t think this is a gender specific thing.

    The most obvious answer here is that we ALL pick up on our parent’s money habits (for the most part). This doesn’t mean that you will be a financial clone of your parents, but it does make them a major influenec, regardless of gender. Maybe you’ll have the same attitude to money they do, maybe the complete opposite- either way, it’s influenced by your parents.

  8. iceman Says:

    My wife is probably the exact opposite of her mother when it comes to money.

    Infact, she is different in almost every way.

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