Do Pheromones Attract Women Like This? (Ocean’s 13 scene)

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips Pheromones may not work exactly like this but they do work. Find out which pheromone scored the highest on our head-to-head tests

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13 Responses to “Do Pheromones Attract Women Like This? (Ocean’s 13 scene)”

  1. HalflingShireFolk Says:

    what’s up with the nose?

  2. npearson100 Says:

    If anyone is looking to buy use,

    pherom1australia (dot} com

    I used it, its probably the best, works awesomely! 😉 You can use credit cards too, which is convenient.

  3. jamiechestnut123 Says:

    that shit always get me this part is funny is hell hahahahah

  4. MindBullets2142 Says:

    haha over exageration!

  5. Unclesamslair Says:

    @mamaluigi01 Phlebotinum

  6. mamaluigi01 Says:

    whats the name of the pheromone he added to himselfe

  7. brownmachine6969 Says:


  8. vanhalen8200 Says:

    Hot milf I would do her in a second

  9. people6 Says:

    haha funny

  10. limyhakel Says:

    The song is, Somewhere my love-Laura’s Theme. This version is by James Last.

  11. kaptainkashstacka Says:

    She almost passed out!

  12. chegechege99 Says:

    what the name of the musik?

  13. cefanine Says:

    i have no idea

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