Do me feel more attracted to vulnerable women?

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I am vulnerable, and very vulnerable looking and seem to attract all the controlling and very dominant boyfriends/Husbands. I was just wondering do men feel attracted to vulnerable women as they feel dominant and superior?

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13 Responses to “Do me feel more attracted to vulnerable women?”

  1. Hot legs Says:

    Don’t mind me…..I just want to hear about this.

  2. my brother is not a geek Says:

    yes cause they wanna be dominant im everything

  3. Jr. Lov Says:

    Well it takes the challenge away when she is very vulnerable but I like my women fiesty so when shes trained correctly she’ll be less vulnerable but more in power for herself

  4. Sky Daddy Bingo Says:

    muhahaha! >:O

    but no.. i dont think its attractive

  5. You Sir, Are Gay Says:

    Ok Jessica, do me a favor, and repeat that one more time please. :

  6. Pixie Says:

    I’m vulnerable by choice when it comes to dominant men.

  7. Wicked Wanda Says:

    In my experiences I’ve found that not all men are attracted to vulnerable women….just the men with little or no self esteem who need to have someone to dominate in order to feel better about themselves.

  8. Crooked Says:

    Yes, I’m attracted to vulnerable women, but not because I want to control or dominate them. I just think they need some love

  9. winterchick Says:

    vulnerable women seems attractive for a lot of reasons, maybe because men want to help them, feel sorry for them or they just seem easy.

  10. Bozo T Says:

    I am attracted to smart women, who are usually single mothers….its very strange.

  11. Clones are people two! Says:

    No cause they are retards and have no common sense. They also suck at sex. Have a woman with power and BAM great night

  12. VISHNU B Says:

    yes, of-course.. some time it depends on your eye where it looks.. if you look often a guy who watching on you.. Then you will have a feeling that you are vulnerable women..

    If you are not bother that and concentrating on your work.. that becomes weak..

    Think it out..

  13. ‚ô•mending‚ô•suspended Says:

    had the same prob

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