David DeAngelo – Polarity, Personality & Sexuality – Part 1

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www.bestrelationshipguide.com Check out this video explaining how to handle yourself as a man & how to create constant attraction when within the a relationship.

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11 Responses to “David DeAngelo – Polarity, Personality & Sexuality – Part 1”

  1. ccccc5ism Says:

    @pkswrqv yeah i like some of his videos btw if your looking for really powerful new tech have a look at this video => bit.ly/HMt5Gq?=oiqet

  2. Jayce1712 Says:

    @saleemisgod no i dont 🙁

  3. saleemisgod Says:

    Yeah but do YOU say you’re good looking?

  4. Jayce1712 Says:

    People say im good looking yet im having a hard time getting a beautiful woman 🙁

  5. Bizmarkie36 Says:

    thanks for that. I have that one now and will check it out sometime

  6. adityamodernite Says:

    It’s $35 million+ now 😉

  7. Bizmarkie36 Says:

    thanks for the clarification. I have not seen it either, I still think though that his advanced series, mastery series and ‘on being a man’ are his best work. Sometimes these newer programs while offering mroe insights, are often too similar to the previous work.

  8. pisaniforprez Says:

    I think this is ‘Become Mr. Right’, because Man Transformation was taped after he lost a bunch of weight (as seen here), and he’s talking about relationships, whereas the earlier DYD materials were focused on dating. I haven’t seen this product yet, but I really want to. Hope this helped!

  9. Bizmarkie36 Says:

    which program is this from> I have not seen this one and I have almost all of his material. 

  10. ngurek Says:

    The man makes over 20 million dollars in sales a year… so yah, I’d say he is ‘big’:)

    As for showing up on t.v. u just have to realize that majority of the worlds multi- millionaires and billionaires aren’t public figure heads, so being seen on t.v. doesn’t make u ‘big’.

  11. davidrivers3492 Says:

    Is David big in america…why is he not on shows like jimmy kimmel etc?

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