Dating For Free Online: Why it Doesn’t Work

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Go to: Have you ever tried dating for free online to get a girlfriend or to find a new woman to have sex with? No doubt you’ve discovered that it simply does not work and wastes a lot of your time and money. In a recent survey of our newsletter list of 54000 subscribers at, we found that 96% of guys had not been able to successfully get a girlfriend by using online dating. We recommend that you approach women in person – it is much easier, more efficient and you are NOT trying to compete with 1000s of other guys for her attention. Don’t know how to approach women? Sign into my free newsletter for tips on what to say when you approach a woman so she becomes interested immediately. Plus, what to say to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting: Camera used: Sony DSC TX10, Cybershot, Full HD, 16.2 megapixels, Exmore CMOS Sensor

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21 Responses to “Dating For Free Online: Why it Doesn’t Work”

  1. Sheraseven Says:

    Its the opposite with me. I’m a woman who gets a few hits and then the convos just stop. I’m let it go because I don’t want to be pushy but I wonder. I blame it on my situation. I’m not an athlete, I’m an unbeliever with a few extra pounds and two kids and I live in sort of a tourist town. I think I’m fun to talk to. I don’t want to lower my standards too much but..

  2. grimscarpious Says:

    Absolutely brilliant advice mate. POF has really dragged me down lately. I’m gonna approach girls outdoors from now on.

  3. Agui007 Says:

    May the truth set us free. I have used a few online dating sites even paid for and they are a waste of time, totally! However I believe there is never a truly right or wrong in a sense. Maybe we’re just to vain and should start to love and respect the one person “our self”. Perhaps relationships are experiences we want to learn and master to find out if they are for us!

  4. dpowers1 Says:

    Exactly what I’m talking about! If the chick is hot, she is being bombarded. Amazing that you even got a response. That’s why we recommend guys approach women in real life. For guys who are interested to learn how: Go to TheModernMan . com and watch our free videos, then read my ebook The Flow. Thanks for sharing your comment Trevor – much appreciated.

  5. trevormac77 Says:

    I’ve had women tell that I’m really good looking, and yet on POF I got nowhere. Out of 50 messages sent I’d get maybe 1 or 2 replies that would go nowhere and I’d get 2s and 3s messaging, so I gave up in disgust. I did happen to get a beautiful Italian chicks attention with a sarcastic message and actually got her on the phone and she told me she’d gotten 800 messages in the 3 days since she signed up. It was a real revelation.

  6. TheBoosh72 Says:

    I would like to say that it has worked for me on plentyoffish. I have met the sweetest girl and we have so much in common. But, he is right. 99% of the time it is like he says it is.

  7. dpowers1 Says:

    Yes, watch the video on my site about getting out of the friend zone. Type in “friend zone” into the search box on my site: themodernman . com

  8. dpowers1 Says:

    Yes, listen to our program “Mastery Methods & Mindsets” - it has been designed to fix that problem and it works!

  9. dpowers1 Says:

    Hey – click on the link I have provided under the video, or go The Modern Man . com and scroll to the bottom of the site. You’ll then see a newsletter sign up box.

  10. dpowers1 Says:

    Hey – it’s actually a perfectly good question, don’t worry. The answer depends on when the nightlife is really pumping in your area. However, I usually pull my one night stands about 1-2 hours before people start heading home (about midnight to 1am). One of the most important rules: Stay in there and make sure you escalate to the kiss before suggesting you leave together. Go to my site and get Dating Power – it includes the full explanation of how to pull one night stands.

  11. Mumsilius Says:

    Hey Dan, this might be a rather silly question, but generally speaking, when do you think the best “time” in the night to go approaching women in a bar or a club? I’m asking this with a one night stand in the back of my head;) I mean, sure you can start whenever, but women are probably in the most “ideal state of mind / tipsiness” at a certain point in the night right? Not too early and not too late… What do you do when going out “for a one night stand”?

  12. valdeztrinny Says:

    Hey Dan…I heard about from a friend who got your conversation product and is now killing it with the chicks. My issue is with confidence rather than conversation. Do you have any advice on overcoming fear of approaching and getting rid of approach anxiety?

  13. ezralennox Says:

    What you say about the guys being stuck in the friend zone with girls online is me… 🙁 I talk to girls on msngr and sometimes on the phone, but can’t go past that point. Any tips?

  14. hoagiemcgee Says:

    I want to know how to have more success at dating. Where do I sign up for your newsletter??

  15. shotxtrevor Says:

    Hey Dan…cool video!! I have found that women say they want all those critieria like looks, money, tall guy online, but in their personal life they don’t even worry about that stuff. Its weird!

  16. lorenzopalmas33 Says:

    Hey I like your style and cool video. I’ve been having trouble making the whole online dating thing work. I will check out your site.

  17. dpowers1 Says:

    Lol…sorry to break the illusion for you, but yes – I meant that I often get women in bed on the same night. That doesn’t mean I don’t stop and have a girlfriend every know and then. However, most girls want to get married and have babies with me within 3-6 months, so I find new ones. Broke the illusion even more huh? 😉

  18. MLGlPr0l1337lGanGsTa Says:


  19. ZraMonster Says:

    Thanks dude. Really helped out!

  20. PointGaming Says:

    thanks ur the best

  21. dpowers1 Says:

    Hi mate - thanks for your comment and positive feedback. Glad to hear that The Flow techniques are working well for you. Enjoy the great times ahead with women!

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