Dating Advice: “How do you flirt over email or text message?

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25 Responses to “Dating Advice: “How do you flirt over email or text message?”

  1. AhhSeanTea Says:

    14 Sharp teeth and an angry eyebrow. Lool

  2. AlexPalacios97 Says:

    Good Morning Boner..

  3. ItsRainingSparkles Says:

    its a limited time offer thts ABOUT 2 EXPIRE!!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. craziecat100 Says:

    U give great advice

  5. TheMediaGFX Says:

    Im having this problem n your really smart about this things so “Hey Baby weener your really good at science so I wanted to ask your opinion about the smoke thts comming out of the big burning bumps I have on my hooha” LoL

  6. dendogg55 Says:


  7. hasenpfote272 Says:

    GREAT 😉 made

  8. devin00117 Says:


  9. foosheezoo Says:

    Hi baby weiener, hahah xD

  10. QtFlOwEr2 Says:

    this was interesting
    i took your edvice on asking for his oppinion on a poem i wrote
    he said it was beautiful
    the poem was about him and he didnt even know

  11. Migvill Says:

    this girl i’m dating sends me text messages on how she can’t focus on what her professor is saying in class because she wants me so bad….

    another time.. she said she had a problem and the problem was that she wants me but i’m not there at the moment.

    :]] oh gosh. lol

  12. The1i1wayne Says:

    This is gr8

  13. xanpo2000 Says:

    Guy is like one Funny ‘Hitch’

  14. KakKoIi22Otaku Says:

    HEY STD!

  15. southernnproud21 Says:

    Hey sweetie tinkle hahahhahah

  16. jlr95100 Says:

    ur hot

  17. 456grg Says:

    HAHAHAH i was laughing the whole time. I officially LOVE YOU.

  18. oopspspdana324 Says:

    Hey baby weiner lol

  19. xXAnGeL4LyFXx Says:

    i think your vids are fantastic .. luvin the humour keep it up

  20. Juicecarjess Says:

    don’t be like OMG, LOL, ROFL AMSJB
    oh my god, laughing out loud, rolling on the floor laughing and my spleen just burst.

  21. zackomilk101 Says:

    Hey Sexy Fruitcake. LMAO!

  22. theword2112 Says:

    yourr crackingg me up ! hahaha(: awesomee !

  23. SuperMsChardonnay Says:

    ur my fucking role model

  24. oceansos6 Says:

    omg this is so flippin true! i did the ” this guy asked me out but i think ill say no because i like the sesitiave but bad boys[; ” and he totally bought it!! hahaha

  25. ChelseaPatriciaTalks Says:

    ahh this is soo true! this guy texted me before i fell asleep and i had a dream about him. ha.

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