Club Penguin:How to throw snowballs really fast

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How to throw the snowballs really fast heres the instructions: #1 Fist press the snowball button at the bottom of your club penguin screen. #2 Next aim at your target but don’t press anything! #3Then put your finger on the letter “T” on your keyboard but don’t press anything! #4 Then on your mouse press the snowball target on the screen then press t and then click and do this really fast over and over again. (“T” click “T” click “T” click over and over again really fast!) Enjoy!

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24 Responses to “Club Penguin:How to throw snowballs really fast”

  1. alexdude1085 Says:

    it doesnt work

  2. robinliberatore Says:

    i just figured it out by myself and wow…

  3. SONICFAN166 Says:

    i already knew this when it came out

  4. gttiqw Says:

    LOL i knew how to do that since 06!!!

  5. ultimatejude Says:

    u got that off penguin book

  6. dotso95 Says:

    @nman12345ful How clubpenguin opened in 2005

  7. SuperEdward109 Says:

    @legomanCPninja me to u press t than click

  8. nman12345ful Says:

    I Knew This Scince 2000.!

  9. JoshCoffeey Says:

    @legomanCPninja y did u look it up then

  10. legomanCPninja Says:

    i already knew how to throw snowballs really fast

  11. 6MOK Says:

    @Studjeff4 thats the problem. no one knows if only you can see yourself throwing fast, cuz i was on two accounts at the same time, one on penguin storm and one on real clubpenguin, i tested myself, the account on clubpenguin storm, was the one that was throwing. So i looked at myself, and on the real cp, i saw myself throwing slow. No one knows yet, but i think that only you can see yourself throwing fast. Hope this helped.

  12. 6MOK Says:

    @bamige1 thats exactly what she meant idiot

  13. 6MOK Says:

    @isaiahvrgs so did i too, fagget

  14. 6MOK Says:

    yo, i already knew this, but i wanted to make sure, so please answer. Can other people see it? Cause one time i used penguin storm on my other account while i was using the account not using penguin storm, so i tested myself and on the account i was using without cheats, it was really fast, but on my account where i was using penguin storm, it looked like i was throwing slow. Please answer!

  15. isaiahvrgs Says:

    i new thssince club penguin

  16. bamige1 Says:

    or spam the t button and spam the left click

  17. Studjeff4 Says:

    man ppl in cp r stupid i tell them how to do it and they keep single throwing

  18. 123Msadorable Says:

    i love how that penguin came and started dancing wen the music started
    and that other penguin was helping u explain looool kool

  19. RandomRainbow11 Says:

    yeah but it doesnt show on other peoples computers. 🙁

  20. Glitchmaster987 Says:

    u could just hold the T key and keep clicking

  21. MrCityd Says:

    i knew this at 2006!

  22. avidsky Says:

    i know how to stupid!:p

  23. Aimee2334 Says:

    i knew it at 2007

  24. ThePiplupcute5 Says:

    it wont be fast on other ppl

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