Clothing for Men: Tips & Advice : Four Styles for Men : Menswear Fashion Advice & Tips

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Learn the four different styles of men’s dress withexpert image consultant tips in this free men’s fashion video clip. Expert: Jamie Yasko-Mangum Contact: Bio: Jamie Yasko-Mangum is a certified image consultant based in Orladand, and she is recognized by the Association of Image Consultants International. Filmmaker: Madison Paige

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25 Responses to “Clothing for Men: Tips & Advice : Four Styles for Men : Menswear Fashion Advice & Tips”

  1. duhbeatman Says:

    i knew this

  2. PatrikLarssonRang Says:

    Well.. Everyone isn’t everyone an expert these days?

  3. Shrimpgoldfish Says:

    Dope clothes, direct buy prices
    you’re on your own as far as putting the styles together, tho. Lol.

  4. blacnight1 Says:

    Lady, your advice suck!

  5. hemanthiayesha Says:

    Learn how to meet women

  6. razanet16 Says:

    She is just trying to tell us how can we look better and better if we just look into our clothes that we dress Yu morons Great teacher of dressing yu all cant understand her but i am trying to…..

  7. Rhadegar Says:

    the video became boring from 0:00 to 2:22 … I WANTZZ MY TIME BACK

  8. coltbound18 Says:

    she looks like a naggy bitch

  9. MrDripdrop Says:

    i found the best way to attract women is to walk up them with your dick hanging out of your pants

  10. SweRaider1993 Says:

    or you dont give a crap what others think look good on you and you decide for yourself what you want, simple 🙂

  11. kalel0192 Says:

    You have a mental problem, yes you do.

  12. kalel0192 Says:

    You have a mental probelm, yes you do.

  13. cowninja Says:

    This is nonsense. She needs to demonstrate with pictures if she can’t explain with words.

  14. privateye9111 Says:


  15. waddellski Says:

    i heard everything she said but I still don’t have a clue what she was talking about other than mens clothes.

  16. Spectonimous Says:

    I wear a lot of designs in my clothes and I like wearing sports clothes but I will never wear a golf shirt.

  17. Fuliginosus Says:

    The guy standing behind her should have said something.

  18. jach343 Says:

    shot up bitch…and let see some options

  19. pratikh Says:

    Because what men need is to be more pussified just so they can get with overly choosy women.

  20. hiphopsavedmylife26 Says:

    u r my hero

  21. siliconsurf Says:

    what the hell? This seems like styles for douchebaggie old men…

  22. nilovroman Says:

    good tips…for 1992!

  23. spydoc4gul Says:

    i wish she knew what she means…she sounds sooooo….

  24. CrackerJayherber Says:

    How about I think inside your box, hun?

  25. bodyboystance2 Says:

    think outside the box
    jackandjones slogan

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