Chat Roulette – Party Girl Pranks guy with Boobs! (FUNNY)

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Two guys on ChatRoulette got the 0wnage of their lives by some random fake random girls

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25 Responses to “Chat Roulette – Party Girl Pranks guy with Boobs! (FUNNY)”

  1. Cetorcka Says:

    like if you mute the video just

  2. iDelusiv Says:

    wow i want to use this gif but cant find where to download… :(

  3. mrpaintballdude1 Says:

    girls really do suck at pranks

  4. mynameissjohn Says:

    so this is how hoes try to play off being hoes?

  5. sharksthatdrown Says:

    hey can you send me the video

  6. 16dasdasd05 Says:

    the right boy looks like stifler 🙂

  7. MateusVIII Says:

    hey i tihnk that the girls thing is a scene fomr some kind of comercial

  8. ifa181 Says:

    what the hell…………….

  9. T4VTeleVision Says:

    Awesome xD

  10. SplitLighting Says:

    Whats the video called!?!? I WANT IT!!!

  11. NIGGAx4xLIFE Says:


  12. t0rtles Says:

    worst prank ever

  13. benhamine99 Says:

    damn not even Helen Keller wants to date him.

  14. dosiall4 Says:

    i swear i know the guy in the glasses

  15. maddawg8018 Says:

    omg. thats my sister and her friends

  16. Mrxbladezz Says:

    this is my room ive gotta get outa space camp thumbs up if u get it

  17. SickAudi Says:

    lmfao u serious?

  18. zxRedWolfxz Says:

    Thats hilarious man. Good shit

  19. DjNexus101 Says:

    i wanted be pranked. but the only prank from chat roulete was that its a bunch of dudes wanking. wtf!!! fml!!

  20. candy4725331 Says:


  21. 509JR13 Says:

    Prank? Shit if that’s a prank, u girls can prank me any day. Any one agree?

  22. JBTabel Says:

    y no show tits?  ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  23. Jock4Jesus Says:

    people dont get that there wasnt actual girls dancing… that was a generated movie running

  24. BrookeyLynnie Says:


  25. ieprince Says:

    “See you at youtube nigga” LMFAO owned.

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