Understand & Overcome “The Fear Of Rejection” NOW – Ways to Minimise it!! – Part 2

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www.askhotalphafemale.com – Get instant access to “Secrets to Gauging and Triggering A Woman’s Attraction Blog: www.hotalphafemale.com Fear of Rejection is something that all of us must overcome at some point or another. This is part 2 on how to minimize rejection when approaching women. However it is especially evident when it comes to approaching women, whether it be to introduce yourself, ask for their number, take them on a date, expressing your interest. I get it. Its tough. I don’t approach women to pick them up, but I do know a thing or two about the fear of rejection and what that does to us. The most important thing is that we focus on the opinion we hold of ourselves first and foremost before the opinion of others. In this 2 part series I explain where the fear of rejection stems from and how to change in and how to actually minimize it when it comes to approaching women. Hope you guys enjoy!! Hot Alpha Female Brutally honest dating advice http