Canadian Women’s Favourite Pick-up Line

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25 Responses to “Canadian Women’s Favourite Pick-up Line”

  1. circushead Says:

    It rings their bells.

  2. Klaudiosable Says:

    You think so ? But what is it with the reading a novel while masturbating ? is the novel about a woman being attracted or is the author ? Does 50 shades of gray ring a bell ?

  3. westernvoices5 Says:

    The Rothschild-owned lying media insists that Asia is for the Asians, Africa is for the Africans, but White countries are for everybody!!

    They say the “White Advantage” problem, which allegedly exists inside every White Nation, will ONLY be solved when non-white people from the 3rd world immigrate & displace the founding European population!!!

    For a FREE informative booklet & video on the Zionist-engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of White people go to: w w w. youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

  4. paddywanball Says:

    are canadian women mad for dick ?

  5. kamran750 Says:

    why canadian women are bitchy,and Smell million Dick.

  6. MurrayRide Says:

    You people are idiots for hating on Harper. Have you seen the latest budget? DEFICIT IS GOING DOWN! Now i’m a liberal, but Stephen Harper is the man we want right now, there is no one else in opposition that can handle an economy like Harper.

  7. circushead Says:

    Without exception, these women enjoy being spanked by rich men who don’t recycle or sort their garbage and have very little patience for political dialogue. That is, when they’re not masturbating while reading novels about politically aware, feminist women who find themselves inexplicably attracted to rich men who spank them and who don’t recycle, sort their garbage, or have much patience for political dialogue.

  8. HarunDanyal Says:

    The ‘joke’ in this video was so forced it lost all its funny.

  9. saladinMK786 Says:


  10. AxeMoose Says:

    Not the only important thing to be cut. The failing of this government is understanding and humanity. They lack in both.

  11. mozartcat1 Says:

    Oh no SHIT ! I bet they want to bring back Gilles Duceppe ” the-parlemantary-terrorist” !!!

  12. WhiteCanada1 Says:

    I am Steven Harper…
    Fuck off, I’m married.

  13. serafinastudios Says:

    Did he ban hair brushes too girls?

  14. matkakulfi Says:

    canadian girls would bounce on guys who hate harper Hmmm so harper closed down institutions that made a mockery of the male gender and female expect men to revolt against this individual, I don’t think so. I will say I hate this harper fuck you ladies and once its done will go and contribute financially to this guys campaign, sounds like a great plan to me. I hate harper now whome do I get to fuck?

  15. loncify Says:

    Incredible! the how attract women website:

  16. damaged2 Says:

    Taxes and all this, I don’t think so, should be stopped or w/e…..where these tax dollars are spent is what’s important. Smtimes the money goes to the right places, smtimes not.

    I’m still for the Islamic governing system (the actual system used in the past), which didn’t favour any group or religion. I believe Ghandi praised Omer bin Al-Khattab as being a role model for good governing leaders (he was the 3rd leader of the muslims in history; not to imply the previous 2 weren’t).

  17. EcoGlo Says:

    Who gives a shit?

  18. classic7890 Says:


    .LOL@ all the whiffenpoof metrosexuals.

  19. great769 Says:

    I understand that all these things a Very Important, but my taxes pay for this and I want to keep my money so cutting these things is a good start but they should cut all Gov’t actives by an equal amount and give the working people a break, if working women could get to keep more of their hard earned money their lives would be better.
    What you don’t say in this video is that you want to transfer money from working people, to your friends. Cut All Gov’t Spending.

  20. GeniusSelfproclaimed Says:

    Nathan Cullen has to win the NDP race so we can stop this vote split BS.

  21. GeniusSelfproclaimed Says:

    I hope so,.

  22. try0003 Says:

    You’re welcome 

  23. sweiland75 Says:

    thanks :)

  24. try0003 Says:

    Good luck with that.

  25. sweiland75 Says:

    I’m calling it, right now: Next election results in a NDP majority

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