Brother Micah on getting laid

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Brother Micah gives us oddly explicit directions on how to steal a girl’s virginity.

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25 Responses to “Brother Micah on getting laid”

  1. Rokluverzunite Says:

    How to get women to leave Virginia… Giggity GIGGITY…

  2. Tasera783 Says:

    This is my favorite Micah vid. OH NOES, BARRY MANILOW MUSIC!

  3. HardforJesus Says:

    Brother Micah is the second coming of Christ.

  4. BrightStaroftheDawn Says:

    Horny Crack Devils

  5. 4WINSTON4 Says:

    im not religious or anything but this guy is a serious joke. i swear hes probally getting aroused just talking about this

  6. katiefedele Says:

    I disagree with this guy on a lot of things, but he actually has a point this time. He takes it a bit overboard, but he still has a good point.

  7. Th3MartianCat Says:

    lol at all the gasps @ 2:51 when he says “a pre-marital kiss on the lips!”

  8. dankeewolnir4042 Says:

    its almost like he’s preaching in a seventh grade playground… and hes at UofF. sad

  9. 954coolieboy Says:

    horny frat devil!!!

  10. TheOmnizen Says:

    omg this guy is so fuckin fail roflmao.

  11. 1moretour Says:

    He’s watched Animal House one to many times.Him talking about rednecks liking tailgate parties, thats the kind of party he goes to sounds like a tail gunner to me.

  12. 1moretour Says:

    He’s got his priorities all messed up,I played in a rock band for years and all the virgins came willingly to the hotel and brought their best friend, or beter yet their best two friends. I never told them I loved them,I never said the only way I could express my love was to F–kem. I never used a Bill Clinton cigar on one. I did have to remove a white owl with my teeth a couple of times.This dude sounds like he’s been to a frat party as a soroity sister a time or two.

  13. FatLVL Says:

    Are you now saying that Jesus wasn’t accepted in Christian circles!! Seriously man, I don’t know you, but you seem like you don’t have knowledge of your own “religion.” I think you are referring to early Romans and Jews. He wasn’t being honest, he incorrect in his view on the world. We were trying to correct him. most were trying to calmly disagree with him and argue. However, when faced with a good argument, he relied on personal insults to mask the fact that he had no logical answer.

  14. IvanValdezx19 Says:

    First of all I spoke with brother Micah and told him want he stated is very truthful. However, the way he approaches his preaching is arrogant and pompous, which brings me to Jesus preaching the gospel and wasn’t accepted in Christians circles for being true to His fathers will. Thirdly, that particular question was to test how easily led you are by individuals who think that this guy is some maniac for being honest. The way you guys were attacking him was completely unnecessary.

  15. FatLVL Says:

    I’m not saying that his scripture excepts weren’t correct. I’m saying that he spins the meaning of the bible to fit his twisted ideas. Maybe you should read what I wrote a little more carefully before making a completely useless comment. and are you really saying that jesus was crucified by christians? I’m not even gonna bother correcting you.

  16. IvanValdezx19 Says:

    Stop lying I was personally there, and I looked up at all the scriptures he spoke of all of them were correct not one. Remember, Jesus was loved when preaching the truth subsequenly being cruxified by Christians

  17. HexagonalSun Says:

    This guy is a riot.

  18. FatLVL Says:

    This guy is disturbed. He was just here at UMD today and was talking about how all girls are whores and how all gays and jews are going to hell. Dont listen to this piece of shit excuse for a “man”

  19. HiroCascade Says:

    This guys hanging out around GMU in VA right right. He;’s pretty funny.

  20. SnarlyCharly44 Says:

    I wish he did this when he comes to Charlotte… all he does here is get in arguments with people…. he’s never sang the gay song or done anything funny like this

  21. DannyBling Says:

    He’s been to Tallahassee plenty of times, but he should stay in Gainesville. That place needs some entertainment. It’s dull as fuck

  22. Tasera783 Says:

    “You’re on YouTube!” This guy is hilarious.

  23. MagnificentFiend Says:

    I thought it was “horny frat-devil”!?!?! Hilarious anyhow.

  24. violetsarntblue Says:

    I think he gets all his examples from movies..

  25. Titant2 Says:

    This guy is hilarious does he do stand up acts?

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