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Mending a Broken Heart

broken heart

The best part about being a human, is the ability to actually deeply care about and love someone.  To be in love is probably one of the greatest emotions we can experience.  When you’re in a relationship and everything is going well, it’s sometimes easy to take the relationship for granted.

Unfortunately, relationships, even the ones you thought were going smoothly, can come to an abrupt end.  While truly caring about someone and loving them is great and a source of pleasure, when the relationship is over it can be a huge source of pain, sorrow, and a broken heart.  If the break up is recent, you may not believe it, but there are things you can do to begin mending a broken heart.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, potion, lotion, or method for instantly mending a broken heart.   It is imperative that you understand this.  After a break up, there will be times when your emotions are going to be up, down, sideways, diagonal, and every other way, but right.

In fact, you’ll probably experience combination’s of emotions you never thought possible.  One example is anger and sadness mixed together.  You’ll find that sometimes your emotions can change at the drop of a hat.  You’ll be feeling fine, laughing one minute, the next you’ll be really sad, even crying.   The most important thing you have to realize is that it all seems bleak and dark now.  However, as time presses on, things will get better.

It is critical that you try to reign in your emotions.  Does this mean you should bottle up your emotions?  No, absolutely not.  However, it does mean that you shouldn’t let your sadness, anger, depression, or any other emotion control you for long periods of time. If you’re feeling sad, allow yourself to have a “pity party” for a maximum of 15 minutes.  Then, say to yourself “Okay, that’s enough.  It’s time to stop. Start dating again.

Mending a broken heart is also going to require you to try and stay busy.  If you give your mind a lot of idle time to think, it will probably want to think about your break up.  This isn’t good.  Try to keep your mind and body active.  You probably won’t feel like doing this very much, but its important.   Go somewhere, start dating again, do something, try to drag friends along.  Tell them to not let you talk about the break up.  Try not to sit around the house and do nothing.  That’s the worst thing you can do.

Falling in love is usually the easy part.  Mending a broken heart is not.  That’s just one of the cruel realities of life.  Everything has an equal and an opposite.  The wonderful, uplifting, feelings you get from being in love, are the exact opposite to the miserable, depression and sadness, that go along with a break up.  Time, an active lifestyle, happy thoughts, and good friends will get you through this tough time. And just get back in the saddle and start dating again.

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Is There Such Thing As A Remedy For A Broken Heart

Being left alone with a broken heart is the saddest feeling anyone can experience. No one enjoys the pain that seems to accompany a bread up.  The more you cared for and loved the other person, the more a break up tends to hurt.  Unfortunately, there is no simple solution or remedy for a broken heart.  Does this mean you are destined to feel agony and hurt for the rest of your life?  No, of course not.  You will not be doomed to feel isolated, depressed, and not want to go anywhere or do anything.  There are some steps that can help you get over your broken heart.

IThe following are some of the steps which you should take to easily deal with all the pains and hurts that you are feeling deep within your heart.  While they’re certainly not an instant remedy for a broke heart, if you keep them in mind and with the passage of some time, you should be able to feel better.

1.Control Your Emotions

It is just pretty normal that your emotions after the break up are so intense that you lose control of yourself. There are actually times when you curse the person whom you loved, especially if they were responsible for the break up. Thus, you have to learn how to control your emotions so that you can be sure that you can easily recover from the break up.

It is to be expected that your emotions go on a roller coast ride for a while. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, angry, depressed, etc…The problem comes when you let those emotions take control of your life.  If you need to feel sad or cry, then do it; however, force yourself to stop after a few minutes.  If you can take control of your emotions, you will be able to get over the break up, easier and faster.

2.Learn To Accept

Try to take an “Everything happens for a reason” attitude.  You just have to accept the ending of your relationship with your significant other. Besides, God, fate, destiny, whichever you believe in; probably has a better plan for your love life that you don’t even know about.  It may be hard to believe this now, but if this wasn’t your first relationship, then you know that you can find happiness again, because you’ve already done it at least once.  If you don’t learn to accept that it is over, you will only keep re-opening the emotional wounds.

3.Let Go and Move On

Letting go and moving on goes hand in hand. Hence, once you are certain that you have let go of the romantic bond with your significant other, you can move on and start your new better life. After all, breaking up with your significant other is not the end of your world.

Indeed, you can still get rid of the feeling of sadness after the break up even if there is no remedy for a broken heart. You simply have to put into action the aforementioned steps so that you can recover and start a new life.  It may take some time, but don’t let it ruin your life.  Take the good from the relationship, learn from the bad, and move on.

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