Bold Guy Picks Up Tough Girl! (Flirt 1)

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The Bold Guy tries to pick up an attractive but tough girl at the library.

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24 Responses to “Bold Guy Picks Up Tough Girl! (Flirt 1)”

  1. tamak0994 Says:

    I feel the urge too try this now.

  2. Rajce89 Says:

    “you caaaaaaaaant do that…you can use it to pleasure ureself” ROFLMAO at that EPIC WIN

  3. homerow45 Says:

    There’s just so many things wrong with this..

  4. politicoochie09 Says:


  5. Savalric Says:

    i want bang her in the library tho… we should get him to leave

  6. MattHossZone Says:

    No wonder! That explains why they were the only two there!

  7. SdUdExDo Says:

    That just wouldnt work.

  8. 9manny99 Says:

    How in the hell

  9. Savalric Says:

    I call bullshit… no one goes to the library anymore.

  10. WeepeRAdamastoR Says:

    I can’t stop watching this. The music and the dialogue is so perfect. Brilliant!

  11. tryue13 Says:

    so much anger, yet so much love lmfao XD at 1:30

  12. tryue13 Says:

    wow that’s how they flirted? love her come backs by the way

  13. morphinglight Says:

    True, but he also kinda reminds me of Matt Hosseinzadeh.

  14. phuckstick16 Says:

    like a boss xD just when i thought he’d get his ass kicked he actually snagged the girl
    What a fucking straight up pimp 😮

  15. vespaman101 Says:

    lol i need to practice this and see what happens.

  16. fucut00b Says:

    lol did u get slapped?

  17. MarvelExtra Says:

    well whatever…

  18. CalebLaw1 Says:


  19. nephilim249 Says:

    Please, FUCK OFF!

  20. BoyWhoLikesTV Says:

    DA FUCK!

  21. autonomous2010 Says:

    If only it really worked like that. 😀

  22. lonewolfadam11 Says:

    i’m so going to try that next time i see a hot girl

  23. YungMalThaKid Says:

    not the way it happened 2 me @ the library but imma learn from this

  24. bicyclepro12345 Says:

    how did it go?

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