Being Non Reactive – Two Reader Questions Answered

Posted by: laidtips  :  Category: Recent Tips – Please Subscribe! – In this video I answer two questions from my readers. One person is wondering how to not get angry when someone is rude, spills their drink, or acts like a jerk. The other question is about how to specifically apply these techniques while in high school. Both questions get answered in this video, so enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Being Non Reactive – Two Reader Questions Answered”

  1. fireblast245 Says:

    The answer to the 2:and question really helped me…

  2. Mokurentate Says:

    where’d you get that badass shirt from?

  3. AdMiraLWafFleS18 Says:

    Nice shirt, jiu jitsu is the shit. Yeah im in high school and if you act genuine and just act yourself, as long as your not a douche bag, girls will talk to you.

  4. NikolaosAssimakis Says:

    see that video with captions (transcribe audio)!! its hilarious XD

  5. passionatelyhonest16 Says:

    fucking legend!!!!

  6. Ozzfanatic760 Says:

    haha he only has like 1/2 his beard lol

  7. reprobateDB Says:

    Good attitude man!

  8. jparfitt9 Says:

    you summed it all up with “wasted energy”. we waste sooooo much energy every day unless we watch our thoughts really carefully.

  9. NikolaosAssimakis Says:

    Another pretty much appreciated advice man! Thanks a lot!

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