Badboy on the Direct Dating Summit – PUA Interview by Sasha Daygame

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Badboy and Sasha after London’s Direct Dating Summit

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16 Responses to “Badboy on the Direct Dating Summit – PUA Interview by Sasha Daygame”

  1. ViciousCritique Says:

    Slavic subhuman.

  2. shapeshifter000 Says:

    thats how drunk croatians look.

  3. Igoryok1990 Says:

    “…Wasn’t smoothe. It won’t ever work in real life, on a real man!” lmao hahaha

  4. filipecroaro Says:

    when brain surgery goes wrong…

  5. beachboy8969 Says:

    sasha you crazy SON OF A BITCH

  6. tsunamyboy69 Says:

    bad boy is a drunker 😛

  7. POZDRAW Says:

    Cocaine for life ! 😀

  8. mindw0rking Says:

    he looks mentally crazy lol

  9. psyhar Says:

    Hahah, funny :-)))

  10. SuperSikNasty Says:

    He ain’t hammered, he is just really hopped on Red Bull and extremely extroverted.

  11. tinishawalckbvh Says:

    Very kind Latino Lady for marriage ****

  12. airwave2oo8 Says:

    badboy sure suits him as a name :))

  13. sergeypikalov Says:

    He looks hammered.

  14. SuperSikNasty Says:

    LOL his frame is just so crazy!!!!!!!!

  15. SuperSikNasty Says:

    Badboy is a fucking devil!!!! His laugh was fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!

  16. charlesrydec Says:

    Wasted much? haha

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